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Pete Lawrence - 01 Nov 2016


“We are quite small but there’s energy and new thinking and new technology here and it’s really happening,” he said.“We are not Silicon Valley in size, but maybe in dynamism we’re like it was 20 or 30 years ago.”

"Sad, isn't it? Anything good eventually gets "discovered" and then the trendies descend in hordes, impose their lifestyles, and then wonder what went wrong.” Do you agree with this Guardian reader?

Sunday's Observer piece on Lisbon as the potential new tech capital is now approaching 30, 000 shares. Next week’s Web Summit event has nearly 50, 000 attendees and costs a modest €1, 245 at the cheapest delegate rate. Clearly, something is going on here.

Do you agree with this article comment or should we freely enthuse about places we like? Has the fact that an article such as this had so much attention effectively 'spoilt' Lisbon and will the almost inevitable influx of 'trendies' as the commentator describes them take away the magic from the place?  Or will it add to the city's vibrant allure as a tech centre?  And what role will Brexit play in making it more or less attractive to itinerant Brits?          




Eileen Inglis

I was in Lisbon a few weeks ago and me and my friend were complaining about all the tourists even though we were actually two of them! A friend who used to live there said he thinks the old centre has been spoiled by budget flights and Air BnB flats forcing locals out. I'm torn with this type of thing as part of me wants to keep it a secret but the other part can see how places can really thrive on the income generated by tourism .....Its a tricky one!


Kimm Fearnley

I agree with Eileen - it is a tricky one.
I think we all have a little of that desire to go somewhere beautiful but be alone there. Places can become spoiled by too many tourists but there can also be huge benefits to struggling communities and cities who need the lifeline additional visitors bring. Perhaps it is more about how we respect the places we visit, what we demand when we visit and how the guardians of these charming cities respond to the increased attention and demand for facilities. X


kirsty hawkshaw

Saw this and thought RIGHT LETS MOVE TO LISBON! My husband just looked at me sighed and rolled over in bed lol. Lately i've been seriously thinking about world war 3 and where would be the safest place to live if it happened. But then I realised I needed to get a grip and do the work locally. Unfortunately Chesham is becoming popular too now and the house prices are going up to a point where locals who have established themselves here for years are being priced out as Londoners move in (I was one of them once too). We may not be able to afford to stay here as we are now renting and it's just getting overwhelming. Once the kids leave school things will be different. Now that the press are on it I predict Lisbon will be inundated with more tourists and people desperately trying to move there, the prices won't last long :).

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