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Andy Scaysbrook - 18 Dec 2017


 My self and fellow Campfire-ee, Kimm Fearnley, have been working on a project about the homeless in Bournemouth. Last week the charity, Hope For Food, a local Bournemouth based initiative, put on a Christmas dinner and fed over eighty people who are all living rough on the streets of Bournemouth. A four-course meal was served and everyone attending received a new rucksack and sleeping bag. There was also a brass band playing carols and free haircuts were available as well. All in all a fantastic effort by all those involved. 



Kimm Fearnley

Awesome photos and great working with you @Andy Scaysbrook X


Ralph Pettingill

Thank you for showing such care. These pictures change my own stereotype of life on the south coast of this country...

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