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Jeremy Pearce - 20 May 2019


"The explosion actually happened 5 minutes before it was scheduled and there was about a second time lapse before the sound of the explosion reached our ears "

I originally became aware of the project from a Guardian article posted on the Campfire FB open group and decided to check out what they were upto because its the kind of thing that really interests me and Im glad I got involved and the amount of knowledge gained from them since 1st wobbling up to the bank on my bicycle, one Saturday afternoon has been  colossal  Knowledge is a powerful thing but ignorance is most certainly the opposite 

Its 6.20 am on Sunday the 19th of May  and Ive just  cycled up from the Chighood  (Peddle to the metal )to catch a lift up to a desolate part of  Silvertown with  Dan s Sound engineer and I have astounded my self by arriving 2 minutes before the arranged time .This is my Campfire report on what happened 

Its still very early on Sunday morning when we  arrived and parked up and walk towards a group of people who are standing within a normally fenced off piece of land that s basically on the opposite bank of the Thames to the Excel Conference facility .Behind us is London airport and behind that the Tate and Lyle Sugar refinery (One of the last strategically positioned businesses linked in location with the past ).In front of us about 150m away is a gold coloured Transit van embossed with the HSCB bank logo. Behind the Van, to the right are some of the last standing remnants of the docklands industrial Victorian British Empire trade days I took some photos of them (see pics )These huge buildings had a colossal storage capacity . Its hard to imagine what this area was like back then in the industrial hay day  with Thames barges gigantic wrought Iron Crain s  and cast iron  steam ships docking into the wharf s .spewing soot  and a massive labour force to support it  .There is a wharf  just behind the van with some heavy duty iron mooring points still remaining, and a line of weird shaped low structures with roofs like 5 separate white dome tents in cast iron on its left side,slightly rust stained The wharfs like a large protective brown rectangular swimming pool  cut away from the rivers main flow   ..In the far distance  still shrouded in mist thats rapidly lifting  is Canary Wharf . Thatchers  commissioned "Giant Oblisk" Shaped like Cleopatra s needle  but this is a monument to her  obsession and worship of  unrestricted mass tax avoidance and money laundering  and non trickle down economics and free market economics    Its now dwarfed by newer giant Structures The HSBC tower to its right and in front of this are groups of modern construction crains building more structures financed by the same  or similar brands of  washing machine s that wash whiter than the sand on a Cayman island beach .But we are here for a different purpose .It  also involves finance and money and control of how its distributed and is intricately linked with the structures in front of us and especially since the last crash and the 10 years of austerity ,public sector wage freezing  and the bailing out of these massive corrupt institutions with public money  Something that the populations where ever Neoliberal governmental structuring  called the shots ..Where the populations of these countries were  basically tricked into believing this was the only solution  .When in fact it defiantly wasn t  

The rules and regulation regarding what Dan and Hillary  could and could  not do today had been dramatically tightened .Originally  They were going to live stream the film footage of the explosion to the Bank on Hoe street but the original date set was the same day as the Marathon Sunday and the re booking had turned out to be a nightmare  . Any live streaming was now  strictly prohibited .All Vehicles parking had to pre register with the police and   number plates submitted in advance  .The numbers attended were restricted and no communication promoting the filming was to be posted on social media or any other medium prior to the event either ..When we arrived there were 3 motorcycle police, a medical crew and a fire crew .In regards to the explosion a licensed explosive management company had been hired and everything was run to strict health and safety guidelines  .and we could  only  watch the explosion from the bridge about 500m away in case of shrapnel .Ear plugs were issued .The explosive coordinator also said no one could return to the van until he had accessed that all the explosive had been detonated 

The film crew were using many camera s and a drone and multiple sound recording devises  and booms  One of the cameras was especially designed for slow motion freeze frame  Others had huge tele photo lenses and another was a professional modern  cine video  camera on a tripod  and every thing was set up to capture every angle of perspective .and maximize the material quality, when it came to editing .

The explosion actually happened 5 mins before schedule .and there was about a seconds difference between visually watching the vehicle get torn to bits by the explosion and the deafening boom .Before hand Dan and Hillary had decided to announce the event with a bugle played by their childrens music teacher .On the bridge we made a second cheer for the film to be edited in later .

After the all clear we all returned to inspect the debris and toast the happening with sandwiches and prosseco  I have included pictures of this and the paper bonds .The next process will be to press coins out of the wreckage and give them to bond holders that brings the concept neatly round to a conclusion .But why go to all this effort and what for  ?

The whole project is in a way draws parallels  with  Occupy Wall street movement  I have left a Wiki link to explain it We live in a financial economic  system where money is actually created by debt What many people dont know is that debt can be cleared in secondary markets .This project will clear a million pounds worth with Twenty thousand pounds and will free their  community around it .It is a wicked design thats been happening really since the 80s (If you read Pikadi s book hes produced graphs to prove it. This is when the wage gaps between high and low really started to spiral apart .and the low started to fall rapidly bellow inflation creating the climate that we live in now .

So what is a healthy Society ?.This one defiantly isnt and somethings got to change rapidly because starving a huge sector of society into wage poverty and debt  prevents an economy growing in real terms and it also increases ill health and it also crime .So as I cast my imagination back to Silvert own and the 19th century and  imagining  the poverty and the dirt diseases   and squaller that must have been and the Prostitutes and the gin houses and the work houses and the child labour It makes me think how could any modern politician be directly responsible  for the returning poverty and actively endorse it  .But then I picture Reese Mogg in his Top Hat and Tails and what hes connected to and it makes me shudder Yes its  Tory Britain isnt it ?

So what will educating people with the truth achieve disregarding all the Brexit bullshit ? .Ive tried explaining this to people and how it works and they just cant get it into their heads and look at me like ive lost the plot .But all the facts to prove how the system really works are out there but not instantly apparent  .One of the people I talked to on Sunday reckoned That charities could be formed to buy debt and then theres Crowd funding but surely government should be held responsible for canceling Debt ? but  Isn't the government the main cause of the problem anyway ? and then what is money? Its just a standardized medium to purchase and sell goods isnt it ? Its not actually attached to anything real .Just a base rate set by a central bank and what if all the money given to the banks had been given to the population ?Well we would be living in a completely different world to the one we are heading into at the moment Wouldnt we ?

Dan and Hillary have held some really informative talks and discussions whilst researching and creating content for the film  Ive sat in a room containing no more than 30 people, listening to people like the deputy head of the Green party and Anthropologists and economics experts and people from Debt charities .Really highly educated people and the more We listen the more we learn and we can collectively cure the problem and I cant wait to see the finished film and I hope that It reaches a very wide audience because people are having their worlds ruined right now and its avoidable 

Campfire x




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