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Beth Salmon - 14 Feb 2020


Hi-Vibe Magic Hope Bus…

  • Tours to areas to collaborate with people.
  • Songs can be recorded on the Hi-Vibe Magic Hope Bus
  • Stories with songs can be made into films…and books made using recycled materials and graphene for interactive books….
  • The films/ books/songs are teaching resources to be used in home ed communities and alternative to mainstream education facilities.…..
  • The films inspire other people to do similar things and we have a community of people making and sharing films/books/songs using Campfire Convention as the platform.
  • Happiness TV - with recordings of Campfire performances...videos of people dancing......different artists sharing songs....home-made film sharing
  • Kindness News programme..inspiring hope through true life stories and celebration of kindness.
  • Performances taking place outside of the bus, around a campfire, will unite communities.
  • To continue the work of Nicolas Albry: as the bus tours around, ideas for social change are recorded and presented on the Campfire Convention platform and support given to make good ideas become reality. 


Hi-Vibe Magic Hope Bus


Ray of hope…


when you hit shit times in your life you have to decide how you are going to survive….i’ve been there -I survived…and I learned some things about soul survival…that I share in my songs and stories….to help others to learn survival strategies….…. We're all in the shit if we don't make dramatic changes….and its a change in consciousness…of being.conscious of the interconnectedness of all things…with each other the nature the universe….we need to be united if we are going to survive….not divided into left wing or right wing…how about putting our wings together.. then we can fly….


My unique purpose is to contribute to the collective vibration through my songs, stories and ideas for community well being and education. I want to inspire a platform where other people can do the same….and we can live authentically instinctually, fully empowered in our masculine and feminine energies…in harmony and in love..


Want to do performances around campfires where people come together to celebrate life, to share ideas and songs and stories…

I want to be able to travel to places and people to collaborate with…to produce music and films….simply made….with my children….and to put on community campfire based events…where community musicking dancing and fun and laughter and ideas sharing takes place…

it will be a mobile engagement facility for people with great ideas for solving problems in society…. to share them and to have a direct audience to campfire community through cc. so they can be supported and actioned…..creating real opportunities for social change…..and inspiring hope….

I want to do a news programme called Kindness News…where acts of kindness are the news….so interviews and stories from people who want to share an act of kindness that they have received in their lives….presented by children and adults.....and for it to be part of a video channel called something like Happiness TV...where dancing videos can be shared to spread joy!!!


Also it will be a fabulous way to link communities of people deciding to live sustainably and in harmony ….supporting them in their bravery to live in truth….and sharing their ideas to create a new social consciousness.

The time to take action is now… we need to be united not divided….it is the only way we will survive…


My dream is to have a double decker coach converted with sleeping quarters and bathroom upstairs, and downstairs, a bedroom that is also a recording studio and a kitchen, sitting/dining area that converts to sleeping space. With this I plan to drive to places, and light a fire - metaphorically and practically. I love the community cohesion of a campfire… the truth that comes from people - the way people start to sparkle and come out of themselves.

I want to make the campfire a performance space….where everyone is welcome and equal… and people are free to join in…community Musicking....

I want to provide music inspired from different music around the world…for people to connect respond to…to dance to…..using sacred frequencies for that we can FEEL soul nourishment. I want to provide opportunities for communities to come together…like a mobile community cohesion service!!! ..through music, dance drama art and sharing of ideas to change the world.

And what is the whole purpose of this? 

Providing opportunities for people  and nature to be valued and celebrated  and connected.

Social change starts in the cells of each individual - how we choose to feel - how we choose to treat each other..who we choose to be…, what food to eat, what music we listen to, what we do with our time etc. …what we decide to do with the knowledge that we learn……

The work of an artist is important and I want to be authentic to me ….I want to leave the security of a regular paid job, and do my work as an artist and have faith that the universe will support me in this endeavour….it has so far…since fleeing for my life with my three little boys from west afraka a year and a half ago and arriving with nothing…I now have an abundance!! And most of all I have a huge gift from you guys from your love and appreciation you showed to me when I was in Frome last year - hope!!!!

My young boys are all natural performers and artists and have a love of film. I made a short film with them over Christmas to give an alternative version of A Night Before Christmas.....this was their first film and they responded very well to my very basic direction....They are very excited at the idea of the Hi-Vibe Magic Bus.


I want to be able to have the opportunity to perform my songs and collaborate with other musicians/performance artists/producers etc….Everyone lives crazy busy lives so I want to bring the facility to them….where we can do our work….using the mobile recording studio/video editing facility, and also gather around the campfire in the evenings…..doing field recordings..... It is not a party bus, as I will be travelling with my children and their safety is of paramount importance to me. During events the bus can be used as backstage.

I have had enough of having to deal with the painful situation of my children crying because they don’t want to go to school…it feels like a prison to them…and they can never do what they want to do and as soon as they find themselves enjoying an activity It stops…and they have to sit down and shut up not be practical…when they want to be learning from going out foraging and learning what plants are medicines and food and how to prepare them to make life beautiful……learning how to harness energy….learning how to make clean water from dirty water…learning about rocket stoves and bio sand water filters and permaculture etc…how to make beautiful and useful things by applying scientific principles….learning practical skills….how to make shelters….earth ships….cob houses….you know-real stuff!!!!  i want this kind of thing taught in the stories and films that I write…as part of the hero journey…..and also characters to achieve what they want through living in truth and authentically…in harmony with the planet…..being brave to be different…..not learning to lie and manipulate to get what they want as is taught in so many children stories and films…..wouldn’t it be great to have a platform on Campfire Convention where we can share our own stories and films we make with our children or friends …and at our gatherings we can have an organic low budget….creative film festival….of stories that can be used as part of an education curriculum that is inclusive, creative, fun and teaches effectively key elements of soul and physical survival!!!!


I like the idea of having a video channel to share the films - Happiness TV - but also having a news programme within the channel where people share their experience of acts of kindness. It would be nice for the bus to be able to tour to places not only for collaborations with other artists for music but for doing interviews of people who want to share some of their amazing experiences of acts of kindness…..Kindness News….Its got a good ring to it….and it is what is says….And what great skills my boys could develop as presenters…they love the idea of being in films and show great talent so I’m looking forward to being able to help them to develop skills in what they love doing…


Another programme on Happiness TV can be people sharing videos of dancing…this can be people at home by themselves…by campfire…in festivals… sacred dance clubs etc…..…to encourage the celebration of being alive - and to have fun while exercising the body and to use dancing to stimulate a high vibration. ..….and guided meditations…..and a show on nutrition for health…

And I also love the idea of, as I travel around, I stop in various places and do recordings of ideas for social change….to continue the work of Nicolas Albry….but instead of being in book format it can be in video format and shared with CC platform so that anyone who wanted to support an idea could…….

The work out put from the bus would be:-


Field recordings of music

Production of music, films and books for living, loving and educating.

Recording and sharing of ideas for social change

Happiness TV/ Kindness News.

Bus as a backstage for performances…with the campfire and event shelter being the performance space…..

Delicious super nutritious food that is medicinal as well as nourishing. 


So a Hi-Vibe Magic Hope Bus……what do you think? Hope has a magical effect on people…it can save lives…..Can you feel the vibe?




Geoff Greentree

Brilliant, inspiring, radical Beth.. I see your bus powered by love and high vibes! Also solar panelled roof and fold out wind turbine etc. I lived mobile with my son for a bit when he was little, lived in buses too. So important for kids to enjoy childhood while having new positive experiences. Thanks for the songs too and your feedback re: Calendar Reform..
Can't seem to access it today so can't reply directly to your comment. Will do soon when site allows. Sing on x


Beth Salmon

Thanks so much for your comments xxxxxx love to u !!!!

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