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Ayvin Rogers - 30 May 2019


While not playing at Campfire's fund raiser 'The Little Chill' at the end of July, in the spirit of Campfire's sharing ethos, I thought I could contribute a chilled music playlist online for the Campfire community to enjoy. 

I was lucky to be exposed to a diverse range of music when I traded at music festivals and have accumulated over 6 years of travel time throughout Latin America while exploring for pleasure and as an importer of hand crafts. This playlist has examples of these influences, such as Cumbia, which originated as a wedding dance music on the Caribbean coast of Panama and Colombia. It has now spread all over Latin America and is particularly popular in Argentina and Mexico. With the advance of music technology, it has diversified to include what I would call Dub Cumbia, similar in feel to Dub Reggae but with its own distinctive Cumbian rhythm. There are several Cumbian Dub tracks scattered through the playlist.

I have binges of exploring music on and I particularly like the remix culture there. A lot of it never gets released for sale, so it's a good source for finding unusual music and cool twists on classics. When I explore, I generally give tracks 4 or 5 seconds to get a feel for them and then may jump around inside to see how it develops, if it seems promising. This lets me get through several hundred tracks in a session. Maybe 1% bears fruit for me. Often a good start gets stuck in a rut and becomes monotonous. Then there are gems that really stand out. I put these in my 'like' library and then use this as a resource to make playlists when I'm in the mood. You can find around 40 different playlists on my Soundcloud page if you want to check out other music I've discovered and collated.

This 'Feeling a Little Chilly' playlist is a 4 hour mid to down tempo foot tapper, covering a range of styles from Jazz, Latin, Deep House, Dub Cumbia, Reggae, Brazil, Trip Hop, Hip Hop and Electro Blues for you to dip in and out of. Enjoy!


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