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Pete Lawrence - 20 Jan 2018


I love listening to the blues and I'm just getting started with this playlist so give it a listen : Howlin Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, King Biscuit Boy, Slim Harpo, Son House, Taj Mahal and many more...


Howlin Wolf photo from 




Kimm Fearnley

Nice playlist. X


Steve Kimberley

Working my way through it now (carefully avoiding Mustang Sally of course ;) ). I'd quite forgotten how much I love 'Taste and Try'. Good stuff...


Pete Lawrence

That track was on the second album I ever bought 'World of Blues Power' Decca sampler


Steve Kimberley

Oh, I know Pete. Have two copies. Wore the first one almost see-through, so bought another copy a few years ago. It's one I still throw on the Rega regularly (in fact i've just noticed its stood propped up next to it having not gone away since the last time I played it).
Love it. Best value blues sampler ever produced.


satkartar Kennedy

Can see how inspired bands like the rolling stones, led zepellin etc were...FAB


Graeme Holdaway

It’s interesting how when you’re growing up, if you’re at all into music, you hear something on the radio, and you think it’s the best thing you’ve ever heard. I worked with an American artist in the 90s, who I recorded an album and toured with, who summed it up for her era. She was an early teenager when she got into bands like Bon Jovi and Kiss, then in her first year at college she got into the Stones and the Beatles, which she realised were sources for them. Then in her second year, she realised who had influenced them and checked out Elvis, Buddy Holly, Link Wray, and others, and by her third year she was listening to many of the artists on your playlist.
The sources for them obviously are more disconnected but musicologists have drawn parallels with African music, and it is fascinating to explore it and find your own links

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