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Pete Lawrence - 26 Jun 2017


Following his pre-election style endorsement from Vogue magazine, Jeremy Corbyn seems to have hit the spot again with his latest Glastonbury appearance.

Harriet Gibsone, writing in The Guardian on Saturday observed :

"A lot of attention has been paid to Corbyn’s rallying words of revolution, but I know what you’re really thinking: what can his creased denim shirt tell us about his home affairs policies? Luckily, fashion editor Hannah Marriott is here to decode his sartorial choices: 

“Undoubtedly, Jeremy Corbyn is far too busy with politics to be paying attention to the trends emerging from the men’s fashion shows in Paris this weekend. And yet, spookily enough, his outfit today closely mirrors some of the strongest spring/summer 2018 men’s looks.

His beaten-up brown lace-up shoes are uncannily similar to those worn by male models on the Balenciaga catwalk a few days ago, in a show inspired by the off-duty looks adopted by office workers taking their kids to the park at the weekend. Balenciaga’s design team would appreciate the normcore appeal of his unbuttoned, creased denim shirt, too, while his white trousers are a brave choice for Britain’s most filthy festival. This isn’t the first time Corbyn has accidentally adopted a high-fashion look. Vogue recently described his aesthetic a “very Vetements”, while one of London’s hottest designers, Martine Rose, recently used a picture of Corbs in his grey cycling shellsuit as the invitation for her show. Clearly, Corbyn has the fashion vote.” 

So there you go. I think we can all agree that world peace is on the horizon."

So David Cameron's critique of Corbyn in the Commons looks more out of step than ever...



Pete Lawrence

You're starting to sound like a broken record, @Bill Wallsgrove (Liam)@ ;)

20/6 "Finally some proper opposition. We should not be supporting the Tories into a Brexit disaster.”
24/6 "If only we had an opposition party that had protested against Brexit more seriously.”
5/7 "Can never be forgiven for his stance on Brexit. Where is true opposition when we really need it?"

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