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Pete Lawrence - 01 Sep 2018


Clare Dubois from the Tree Sisters Network interviews Polly Higgins, an earth lawyer advocating for an international crime of ECOCIDE to criminalise the eco-destructive, bringing in justice to protective not just humanity but the earth as a whole. This evolution would be a realignment of human law with higher law based on a principle of 'first do no harm to the earth', a pre-emptive law where the first and overriding question would always be 'are our corporate or state operations be likely to cause serious harm and if so, we can't go there' 

In terms of feminine leadership Polly is out there working on the front lines, carving a path in human consciousness, in law, in systems that are outright destructive and wanting to remain unconscious. We have genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity we have crimes of aggression in the run up to war signed off in December at the UN and now we're looking to add a missing fifth international crime against peace which is Ecocide. There is already a history...

This interview was posted in August 2018.

To find out more about similar initiatives that are gathering pace around the world, come to October's one day Tree Conference in Frome, Somerset. 

Campfire Convention has accepted an invitation to be a partner in the conference and aims to provide a social network where activists can blog, build resources and make contact around the issues and initiatives.

This year’s conference, now part of the International Tree Foundation, aims to generate large scale UK-wide tree planting, support old growth forests and harness effective networks of people working with them globally. We’re also aiming to: 

  • Support a narrative change around what humans are capable of and show what we can, and need to be doing, without waiting for governments
  • Highlight leading-edge science about trees and their ecosystems
  • Improve the next generation’s scientific and emotional understanding of nature & trees

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Ralph Pettingill

What a fantastic video interview! I want all my friends to know about this - can't wait for the conference ...


Pete Lawrence

Indeed, lots to get positive about, @Ralph Pettingill


Rose Lennard

Wonderful interview. Like all great ideas, once articulated, it (international law against ecocide) seems blindingly obvious.

I love what Polly says about fighting vs inviting...

Here's a link to get involved: - 'Mission LifeForce is a growing international movement of legal Earth Protectors - people who care about protecting the Earth - who are signatories to a legal document, the Earth Protectors Trust Fund document'.

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