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Pete Lawrence - 13 Oct 2018


On #NationalAlbumDay I thought I'd be self indulgent just like many of the purveyors of those classic concept albums.

Jethro Tull's 'Thick as a Brick' and Yes' 'Tales From The Topographic Oceans' may have marked the lowest ebb of the 70s 'concept album' backlash, being described at the time by hacks as self-indulgent w*** and worse. But, dare I say it, many have stood the test of time, especially when contrasted to the present day download culture more geared towards instant stand-alone tracks.

What makes a coherent album concept?  4Hero's Marc Mac said earlier today on 'Zuckerworld' network:

"Before iTunes, Spotify and download culture “the album” was a means for artist to present a coherent musical journey, often conceptual and could be experimental. Knowing the audience had a start point (needle hits side one) the journey begins and an endpoint. I always loved the constraints of not skipping a track. Making and album was no joke."

Here's a gallery of a few favourites of mine, some blindingly obvious and others less celebrated...

Mouse-over for captions...




Jeremy Pearce

Kinks Percy vrs the power men and Arthur and the fall of the British empire /flaming lips yashimi I will look when I have time for an acid mother's temple side project LP that I bought the 1st time I saw them Haven't a clue what' it's about because they are singing in Japanese /orbs uforb/ Ogden's but flake Small faces /funkedelic Maggot brain I could carry on but have to go now lol rush hemispheres


Chris Duffill

You've added a few good uns there @Jeremy Pearce - another couple of suggestions 'the Crazy World of Arthur Brown' and Ijahman Levi 'Haile I Hymn'


Kimm Fearnley

Great list. X


Jeremy Pearce


Jeremy Pearce


Jeremy Pearce

Visions of Us on the Land: Damian jurado s silver Timothy trilogy this is the 3rd LP Start at his 1st They are all superb

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