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barry cawston - 07 Jan 2020



This new piece is set to be exhibited 120 x 92cm at Art Karlsruhe with Capital Culture Gallery and at the Battersea Affordable Art Fair with the Drugstore Gallery here in Axbridge in March.

It is a new work that combines photographs taken in the USA (the waterpark), Brazil (some of the graffiti), Germany (the industrial pipes, which were shot in Volklinger Hutte Ironworks where I had the 'Are We There Yet?' Banksy's Dismaland exhibition that over 250,000 people visited), Bethlehem (grafitti and Minaret) and Jerusalem.

The idea behind the piece was partly inspired by that of Dismaland... the darkness behind things that is often hidden from view. In this instance the playful colours of the theme park hide the dark wheels of heavy industry underneath... for me a metephor for our times. It was more than devastating to walk into the new decade to the news of Trumps actions in the Middle East, the huge floods in Thailand and the widespread wild fires in Australia, as well as a US/Brazilian trade deal set to exacerbate the ravage of the Amazon Rainforest.

A plague on all our houses....

It was like, on January 1st 2020 the world was optimistically dressed for dinner but the food was rancid!

The pieces in this jigsaw like photograph came together almost by themselves but with the inclusion of elements form Brazil and the Holy Land the whole story carries an added weight and dynamic.

I am intending on exhibiting it on a very large scale to emphasise its' almost iconic quality but it needs a name to unmask these themes... It has had several working titles including





Oil and Water

but at the moment I have settled on 2020 Vision but I am open to has a narrative, a story, what is its cover. If I choose a new title then the person (s) who suggests it will receive a 90cm signed print...Below are two shots of the details,

Please have a think, share and comment...

I am looking forward to hearing what you think.





Lucy Wills


make slides not walls.


satkartar Kennedy

looks not unlike that game i had when i was a it, colours so uplifting...

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