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Sandra Ashford - 16 Mar 2017


I just hate public transport, there I have said it out loud!

Hands up anybody that doesn't have a car.  These days it seems to be a pre-requisite that we all have one.  Living in a village where there is next to no bus service means that we have two cars in our household and only one parking space, which in itself proves problematic.  

I must admit I can't remember the last time I got on a bus as I go everywhere by car unless I am off to the Big Smoke then it's the car to the station and then the train.  So maybe I am part of the problem.

I just hate public transport, there I have said it out loud!   It is never on time, fails to turn up or full.   And don't get me started on the cost. The last time I went to London with two of us it was cheaper to take the car than the train.   How can this be right?  Surely it would be better if public transport was cheaper, more frequent and reliable and more people would use it, wouldn't it?

As a child I used the bus all the time, in fact, we didn't even have a car so there was no choice in the matter.  There were plenty of buses, every half hour if memory serves, always got a seat and the cost didn't seem too onerous.  (or was that because I wasn't paying).  We always managed to go to lots of different places and if you had to change buses that always worked too.  

So what's happened, have we got lazy now that the four wheeled box is sat right outside our door? 

The thing is though there just isn't enough space for all these cars anymore, the roads are jammed and if you ever go to the South of England, or live there in fact, then you need to build in extra time for your journey as there is always some sort of hold up.

Would love to hear other peoples take on this. 

But I'm afraid I wont be giving my car up anytime soon so think I have answered my own question.  I am part of the problem.  




Pete Lawrence

I know a lot of people in London and other cities who have either got rid of their car or don't use it at all. Very different proposition for country folk, especially with paucity of many bus and train services.
And then there's the diesel dilemma.. the damaging effects of an energy source that was sold to us as cleaner and greener are really coming home to roost now.

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