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Pete Lawrence - 20 May 2017



Lots happening on Campfire this week and we'd love your input in this vital pre-launch phase, whether liking and commenting on others' articles or in creating your own posts. blogs, galleries etc. Status updates are easier and quicker, though don't offer the tagging and sharing across site options that a post can. Simply go to the 'create content' button on your Profile wall if you'd like to start creating articles or other posts.

Lots to read on the Campfire Bugle this week - a couple of members have already remarked that it might be the best week yet for original content... some highlights include new blogs by @Sean Prentice  on 'Common Language in a Divided Kingdom', 'Politics needs re-harmonisation' by @Samantha Roddick  which very much chimes with what we have been discussing at our Conversation meetings and particlarly with regard to 'trailblazer politics', as does the first blog for Campfire by Flatpack Democracy author @Peter Macfadyen which looks at how  ‘ordinary’ people have changed the shape of  local democracy already through the independent politics movement.  

@John Worth 's article on 'What could a new operating system for health look like?' has already received some interesting responses, new member @Izzy Mohammed  has written his first blog 'Seeing the bigger picture to bring change', about how "progressives need to see past the mist, to see the bigger picture, to force through change now, not later"...

The 'bell hooks' book review 'All About Love' by another new member, @Solana Joy (SolanaJoy)@ is an interesting read, as is the fan's appraisal of Bob Dylan's recent Wembley gig by another new member, @Victoria Mier . 'Dylan's Never Ending Tour Hits London'

Send them some friend requests if you like their writing! 

Our site is now open (though still pre-launch) so do invite one or two friends to sign up (membership is still free to those who are active particpants at this stage) if you think they would like to join us around the Campfire.

Come and say 'hi' on our forums too if you have time - these posts can be read by everyone on site (unlike your own wall posts, those just by your friends at present) and there is the tradition for a weekend thread which you may find interesting browsing through some recent ones... here's this weekend's thread which I have just started and it has a quick snapshot of my week too.

Next week, I take to the road for Campfire Conversations in Frome (sold out), Ashburton (Friday) and Bath (Sunday) before heading up north the follwing weekend. You can find all the gen on the various Conversations here

We have also just confirmed our August Campout weekend..!!

Have a good weekend

Pete x



Lou Mycroft

I love Sparks, really love it. I hadn't appreciated how great it was before, maybe because this is such an amazing week for contributors. I've committed five hours a week to Campfire, starting this week (and already playing catch up) and checking Sparks is going to go in my diary each week. Thinking about our social media strategy, Sparks is going to be central to publicising Campfire. What do you think @Michelle Spriddell ?

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