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Pete Lawrence - 16 Jun 2018


Part of creating a Generative community is the idea that every member has some gift unique to them that creates the whole.

The 2018 Campout (August 10-12) in Herefordshire is a perfect opportunity to see whether we can put together a DIY, democratic festival with all members being invited to programme activities, talk space, yoga, meditation, walking, music, storytelling...whatever your interest or passion. 

This will become our first DIY weekend event, programmed by our own members. Bring what you expect to find and your own genius and magic.
Don't expect entertainment to be provided. 

Using an Open Space approach, Campfire can offer up the opportunity for all members to hold spaces of their own and share with others. This simple format would revolve around a blackboard (real or virtual) where members who are attending can fill in the blank spaces and direct or curate their own sessions. 

Each space offers a blank canvass to fill with your creative ideas. You might want to hold space on 'how to' do a particular activity, develop a skill. You may wish to have a discussion or convene a panel to debate an issue or discuss new ideas and directions, you may wish to do yoga practise, meditate, gather a group to go hill walking, or exhibit your photography. You may want to do musical or art appreciation, demonstrate vegan cooking, discuss ethical packaging or climate change, the future of politics or regale others with travel tales. You might want to set new goals, seek advice on a new venture or pour your heart out about a personal problem. Anything goes and the imagination is the only limit! 

The spirit of the weekend is essentially DIY in all respects - we have infrastructure costs, no PAs, no lighting rigs, no security, no star turns or keynotes. Just us, coming together in a field to share ideas and celebrate life. 

We maximise what nature offers - untainted countryside, a pub garden, a large field and a starry sky. We build a campfire and we meet and talk. 

We encourage all to bring chairs, we will aim to provide hay bales and fire wood.

Bring what you expect to find.  What would you like to offer to the event? How would you would like to participate? 

Let's make this weekend a truly collective gathering, and in the process start to shape a new style of event.




Ralph Pettingill

We're booked! Really looking forward to this, so thinking caps on ...thanks for making this happen @Pete Lawrence et al..


Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper

Really looking forward to this will turn up with field ready performance pieces, poems and songs, it will be a blast.


Pete Lawrence

"field-ready performance pieces, poems and songs"... love that, @Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper !

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