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Pete Lawrence - 15 Nov 2017


Being a leader is important, but what's vital is being the first follower, because that’s what builds the momentum. You can see more on this on YouTube, search for ‘crazy dancer’ by Derek Sivers.

@Sally Hughes delivered a poignant and memorable keynote speech at our first London event, tapping into the zeitgeist of new politics starting at home with personal change. If ever there was a manifesto for the modern world, this was delivered at Campfire on November 4th 2017.

"The story we need to start learning how to tell in order to, as George says ‘infect the minds of people’ is that of how we really do begin to start living more sustainably on the Earth, and not just fussing around the edges like we are now."

Her speech covers the following headers :


Everyday sustainability


Values, Intentions, actions



Call to action

Read the transcript of her speech 







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