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Julie Horsley - 21 Mar 2020


Wishing for The More Beautiful World our hearts know is possible (as described in the book of the same name by Charles Eisenstein). 

We had our first Zoom Call to Action/planetary awakening  on 17th March 2020.  We want each gathering to be a safe space for whoever joins to share authentically so we won't be identifying anything other than the key themes and highlights relating to Campfire Convention, our ethos and our priorities.  This is co-creation in action.  It is exciting to come together to share amidst all the turmoil. 

Here are some of the key themes and highlights:

  • the idea of lighting a candle to honour the Element of Fire and the creation of our sacred container 
  • sharing what we're grateful for
  • knowing that we're all in this together
  • sending healing prayers across the globe
  • giving thanks to all those who do the thankless tasks
  • acknowledging the invitation of what is unfolding is for us all is to go in, rest, stop, reset; to unify our energies within and without.

We feel it is important to stay connected.  Both with ourselves and to regularly gather online to support each other in our withdrawal and isolation.

Acknowledged the day to day practicalities of isolation.  

Celebrated the wisdom, foresight and insight in creating an agile, conscious social network like Campfire to hold space for each other.  

Lots of co-creative ideas offered about what Campfire needs to prioritise; about the website upgrade, online events, developing online gatherings, communities and transmissions and that it in the midst of this "storm" it also feels like a big opportunity for humanity; plus the need for virtual facilitation.

There was reference to The Sequel film and the Age of surveillance capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff.

We need to support Universal Basic Income and a fairer distribution of abundance and re-organising of the commons through a conscious evolution of the financial system.

Finally, at Campfire we wish to advocate new paradigm language by consciously retraining ourselves, taking care to not participate in distortion, separation or judgment with our words... rather we are dreaming and wording supportive and creative solutions into being. Focus on anchoring the most beneficial and benevolent ways of being by expressing an open, coherent heart.

Wishing for the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. 


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