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Pete Lawrence - 25 Nov 2017



All is good here in sunny (and chilly) Newport Pagnell, my current temporary base. I'm still hoping all goes through with my prospective house purchase in Frome but I'm loathe to put a timeframe on it given the chain and its delays. 

Meanwhile, we are in the process of updating a few things Campfire and I wanted to share those with you.

The second Campfire Convention was a great success and thanks to @Luke Flegg, we have put up videos of all the thinkshops in record time, so if you didn't make it to London, you can watch at your leisure. I was also very excited by Liv Torc's poetry and @Tobias Hug's circle singing so have included links to videos. I've been in the studio in Somerset this week remixing the vocal ensemble so will let you know if we create anything worth  listening to.

My second Firecast was released yesterday with a review of the Union Chapel Convention and more Hi 5s from Campfirers as well as some of the highlights from our 'Reimagining politics' panel.  We'd love to make this a community effort and put together a best of 2017 podcast for the end of year so if you'd like to offer your take on a key moment or highlight please record your bit here.

Just over a week ago, the Bournemouth Beacon staged their first event and @Kimm Fearnley has posted a concise summary of their calls to action which includes an immediate response to the homeless issues in the town with soup kitchen engagement and plans for a community farm and a larger outdoor event for summer 2018 in Purbeck. Once we have an update from the other recent Beacon, held in Malvern Hills, I will share that. I've heard they're also planning to put together a Firecast too. I have no doubt that Beacons will start to spark in 2018; meanwhile it's heartwarming to see how Malvern Hills and Bournemouth have been lighting a path this autumn.

We now have a Zoom account so we can do team meetings much more easily as well as site tutorials, which I know some of you are asking for. I'm scheduling a Thursday evening (Nov 30) tutorial / test for Zoom this week - invitations here.

If you'd like to be on a Campfire Circle team have a look at this post about how we organise into different teams and drop me a line.

And please keep your excellent posts coming. The Bugle has been so full of good stuff recently it's hard to read it all!  I'd recommend @Ruth Wallsgrove's Theory U article which has some useful pointers for Campfire values and principles which are still work-in-progress. for music fans there's a review of iconic legend Randy Newman from @Kevin Short in Florida and an update on George Monbiot from both @Justin Burton and myself.

Remember that if you create a post rather than doing a simple status update, it will potentially be much more visible across site in The Bugle and Guilds, whereas updates are just seen by your friends in their feed. We welcome any opinion pieces, news items, reviews of films, music, books, travel or recipes - whatever is floating your boat, please feel encouraged to contribute.  If you're not confident of posting yet, there are lots of FAQs and tutorials in the Library.

Have a great weekend,

Pete x


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