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Campfire Voice - 19 Jan 2019


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Welcome to the first newsletter of 2019 and who would be wise enough to predict what will or won't happen this year. There is certainly the sense that we're on the verge of some very significant change. More than ever, it feels like our so-called leaders have lost their way and the ideas have to come from the grassroots, the communities, the people's meetings. Campfire will be doing its bit to join the dots, to offer its platform for conversation and creativity, collaboration and communication, so please join us in being active. The change starts with us.

On that theme, Annabelle Macfadyen has penned an article based on the experience so far at Frome Beacon's monthly People's Meetings"Before we even begin addressing some of the issues facing us in our community and taking action on them, the way we communicate and co-operate is key."  Read more

Our roving frontline correspondent Jeremy Pearce reports on "the most politically intense weekend I have ever experienced." Last weekend's anti-Brexit 'Convention' in London ("It felt like I was sitting in a Saga Coach Trip to never never land") and the Yellow Jackets protest march...

Will Gethin, Frome Beacon's guest next weekendhas posted about new short film series from earth pilgrim Satish Kumar.  Satish is sharing diamond nuggets of wisdom every day until the end of January : clear, simple messages to help us all contribute to changing our planet's story and creating a sustainable world..

We are very sad to announce the deaths of two friends from the wider Campfire circle. Coincidentally both were extraordinary artists and both suffered after severe strokes. We send gratitude and namaste to both Katsuhiko Matsumura and beautiful maverick John Rixon for enriching our lives.

US based Campfire blogger Daniel Pinchbeck argues that Exotic travel is actually our refined postmodern version of colonialism and imperialism...It's time to stop flying around the world. Have your say....

Building peace through theatre. Creativity from Scilla Elworthy

"Join us, or you're going to be rebelled against" says Tiana Jacout from Extinction Rebellion in her challenge to Glastonbury's Emily Eavis...

Reflections and hopes from Andie Brazewell on a cosmic shift in the politics of the planet for 2019.

" If we can believe and dream a big enough dream then we can break away from stories that no longer serve us and begin to shed our old skin and grow" says Vicki Burke in her article on A Gateway to Our Future

Here is my review of some of 2018's highlights and my Ten point plan for 2019 : The Change Is Us...


Campout 2019

We still have a few early purchase level Firestarter tickets available for our August 2019 Campout near Frome. At £60 for four night's camping and five days of event, we think this offers exceptional value. We also offer a quantity of free 'Campfire Bursary' tickets available to those members who can't afford to pay for their ticket - apply via We will be announcing our first partners for the event in a few weeks and already have some exciting features and speakers lined up.

We're also staging our first 'retreat' event in Greece - a six day gathering on the island of Paros in September. Tickets for Paros 2019 via Eventbrite 


Ignite!  PDF / online

The first issue of our magazine, 60 pages of music, events, ideas, blogs, recipes, politics, yoga.... Ignite 001is our attempt to represent a cross-section of the best of what's happening in the Campfire community and beyond. You can browse in full screen mode or download by clicking into the post below:





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