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Pete Lawrence - 06 Jan 2018


Wishing all Campfirers a positive, purposeful 2018...

We’re off to a flying start here as we gear up to register Campfire as a Community Interest Company this month and are busy putting together a steering group to direct and manage our activities. Here' my own take on Campfire's outline plan for the year...If you would like to be more actively engaged in Campfire, we are also looking to plug in our Circle organising teams to the decision-making process as we want Campfire to become a democratic co-operative which reflects a diversity of interests and initiatives.

Very much on our list this year is to elevate and promote the activity of our Beacons. Already we have seen the Bournemouth and Malvern Hills Beacons fire up and get active and we are planning another series of Campfire Conversations starting in late March which will aim to give our Beacons idea a proper launch.

Campfire is all about how we can change the world for the better and part of that utopian vision involves empowering our members at individual and local level. We are looking at how we can plug into local initiatives (ie the homeless in Bournemouth – see @Andy Scaysbrook’s chilling gallery this week of the break up by the authorities of the town’s Camp Sanctuary ‘I have a home… I just don’t have a flat or house to put it in

If there are issues or initiatives in your neighbourhood or town that Campfire can get involved with, please post about it on the site, or better still, start a Beacon!

Remember that any status updates you make can just be seen by your friends whereas a full article post or Project has a wider potential audience if sent to a Bugle or Guild. Just start with the ‘Create Content’ button on your Profile page and our Library  has tutorials, FAQs and advice for how to make the most of the site.

There has been a flurry of activity to start the year. I am still accepting articles for the 2017 Project which already has some great contributions. If you’d like to round up your year in film, travel, events, food, books, ideas, news or anything else, your contribution would be very welcome.

Our third Firecast has just been made available for streaming or download and features members highlights of 2017, ranging from @Anthea Davies talking about how her mother’s dead brought about her ‘coming out’ in terms of speaking in public and @barry cawston sheds light on his inspiration for photography as he travelled the USA last year and in particular what led to his iconic ‘Suburban States;’ photograph

Elsewhere on Campfire, @Ralph Pettingill discusses how finding hope has become a discipline afer the ‘tumult’ that was 2017 and @Michelle Spriddell wonders how we can survive without giving vent to our creative side.

I’m happy to welcome an old mate, @Jonathan Goldsmith (BeMoreYou)@ to Campfire and please send him a friend request as he has already started posting. His first article is amusingly called ‘My Wife Says I Should Call My First Post Something Dynamic so it’s called ‘2018 Killer Goal Dream Setting For Y’all’ and he offers five key tips for how to get our bearings at the start of the new year…

Many of us start the New Year with many good intensions and not all get followed through so it’s encouraging to see @Louise Scrivens start a Project that addresses something that has no doubt been on our minds especially as we’ve cleared away the seasonal excesses – Conspicuous Consumption and what we can do to avoid using up too much of the planet’s precious resources. Louise has invited others to collaborate on this Project so drop her a line if you would like to or alternatively you can follow the Project by clicking the right-hand arrow on the Project’s front page

Lots of reflecting going on – @Katherine Lucy Sang (Katherine-Sang)@ on her highly unusual (and quite traumatic, in places) 2017 , @Kimm Fearnley  on her travels and yoga in Sri Lanka and @Sharon Prendergast on her 2017 high points which must surely include meeting Dennis Skinner, the self-styled Beast of Bolsover.

Keep your contributions coming - they are very much appreciated!  If you're a new member and are still trying to figure out the best ways of using the site, let me know and we can schedule in a Zoom tutorial inclduing screen share.

Let’s spark the weekend…

Pete x


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