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- 21 Jun 2018


Love can heal the world. It is probably the only way we can heal the world. And each one of us can make a massive difference and play a part.

I've had a brilliant morning so far, rising at 7am and climbing up Cley Hill to just catch the solstice sunrise. Being close to nature and feeling the wind on my face reminded me of the joys of life, how much we take fresh air and sunlight for granted, colours, seasons, being alive and in the moment...I also pondered on the pleasure I take in appreciating others' unique energy and spirit, delighting when we find finding common ground and empathy, when sparks and ideas collide in unison. Summer solstice is the most natural day of celebration, when light is at its peak. It is also a natural day to think about ourselves and how we might want to change, about the world and how we can imagine it being better. As Beacons of hope light in different places, it's a good day for reflection and celebration of this precious gift we have.

I'm sure I'm not alone in sending out wishes for a joyous, warm, optimistic, productive summer solstice. There's much in the world to be anxious about and many people I know are scrabbling just to make ends meet. Politics and global events are more of a concern for many than they have been for a long time with rising racial hatred and division accentuated by rising dark forces around the world and climate breakdown is throwing up new and more fundamental challenges for us in many ways.

We are on the cusp of some fundamental changes, as outlined by Athens Beacon founder @Mary Valiakas in the latest Firecast. She outlines the changes and ideas than are taking shape in Greece and how she plans to bring them to fruition through meeting, engagement and collaboration. Those changes are always based around listening, understanding, empathising and exchange of ideas through dialogue. Campfire will continue to seek ways of bringing people together to find the common ground and celebrate that. To imagine how a better world might look and take practical steps to move towards creating it. To seek liberation from division and hatred, 

Beacons of hope are lighting all over the world. Today, members of the Campfire community are linking with others at gatherings in London, the Sussex countryside and Athens, amongst others.  Tomorrow, the Frome Beacon hosts a Campfire Circle Singing session.  

Athens Beacon have made three pledges for how they wish to make the world a better
place.  Read their full manifesto here

- The Homeric Games, an Olympics for innovation. 

- The Coalition of Fun, parties with purpose for individual behaviour change. 

- Bring Philosophy Home, which puts personal and collective enquiry at the heart of society. 

Let's spread positivity throughout the world and create Beacons of hope, resonance and connection. I've observed how a smile and a friendly hello can create a good feeling that has potential to spread like a virus. Who knows how large the potential is for changing the way we interact with others through a small adjustment of our mindset from one dominated by suspicion and hostility to one where openness and love is in the ascendant.

Wishing everyone a warm and productive solstice filled with abundance and plentiful energy. Let's take a moment or two to breathe the fresh air, feel the rays of sun, take time to marvel at each person's unique spirit.

Love can heal the world. It is probably the only way we can heal the world. And each one of us can make a massive difference and play a part.

Love to all x




Kimm Fearnley

Nice vibes. X


Jenny Barrett

And back atcha all :) XX


Katherine Lucy Sang

Big Love X

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