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Pete Lawrence - 12 Sep 2017


This weekend's last Campfire Conversation of the season sees us take a four hour Saturday afternoon slot at The Good Life Experience and we have some great speakers lined up...

I will be introducing Campfire - its origins, its ethos, its modus operandi, its events, its Conversations and its agendas

@David Brown will be talking about Paradox, Persuasion, and Clean Language.

"I want to talk about listening. That’s a paradox.

Presenting superior ideas will not change the mind of a person who does not want to listen. To have a person listen to us, we must go first by listening to them.

I want to show you some ways of listening that do not confuse things by introducing the ideas of the listener."

@Mia Manners 

"I raise awareness in all things organic local & seasonal embracing the pauses between the narrative and bringing people together.  To stop illusionary backed systems that degrade and destroy fragile ecosystems for profit only."

"Its time to transition like a naughty adolescent into a caring, human being adult that takes gusto with his light stepping on earth and his courage to face adversity by making a mighty shift that questions everything and all.  And to walk with dignity and integrity."

@Indra Adnan  on reimagining politics 

"If politics is broken, what's the alternative? We are doing this, first of all, by turning our attention to the 98% and giving attention to all the many socio-political initiatives we see out there...the real shift is that people are taking back control of their resources and lives in so many different ways and we want to amplify that in whatever way we can. Our task is not to mobilise people behind our message, but to help organise them doing their own thing...The energy of The Alternative is to step outside the bubble and create a better model which can eventually be offered back to the system." 

Read the thread from her Campfire forum sofa session

@Helen Swan 

Your Guide to Undercarriage Protection

"I have something new for you about your pelvic floor - and it's NOT all about the Kegels

Do you dare to go down under with me? No nudity required - just an open mind

For both men and women



Mia Manners

I am so excited to be out of Nottinghill farmers gate market, and into the wilds of the border countries....
Thank you Pete. Thank you Mother Earth. Thank you Mia x

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