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Pete Lawrence - 13 Aug 2017


A year ago this weekend Campfire Convention tentatively opened its doors and delivered its first live event. This year we've been so busy on the road doing various Conversations and getting the website ready for launch (September 1) that we've not had time to do a follow up on a similar scale yet but lots of planning is going on behind the scenes for next year.

What has been most amazing is the number of new friendships formed as a result of pre-launch Campfire activities - a cursory browse around Facebook this weekend fills me with warmth that so many friendships have been sparked and a whole new wave of Campfirers are meeting as a result of this summer's events too. Thanks and respect to those who have hosted, this who have beta tested, those who have volunteered on so many levels to help get this amazing thing off the ground...

First and foremost to the early team Campfire who have given so much in many diverse ways along the way -none of it is taken for granted takes a team effort. Without that, it wouldn't have happened.

I'm deeply humbled and very excited...




Nadia Chambers

This really was such a great weekend- in so many ways! And, yes, the friendships forged at campfire are the kind that last for life ❤️
Happy days and even more ahead!

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