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Campfire Voice - 14 Feb 2019


You may have noticed that, by default, our Firestarter Pete Lawrence has been looking after some of the recent design aspects of the promotional material we have produced, whether it be the flyers or our pre-Christmas magazine Ignite 001. Well, now is the time to start pull back together the various strands and to see if someone is out there who would like to craft a new look and feel for the new look website and PR materials. It's a blank canvass really and waiting for someone with the eye for visual co-ordination to step up!   

Some branding experience would be useful and obviously some web design experience, some knowledge of CSS/SASS would be even better. Please get in touch with @Pete Lawrence if you are interested or email

Along with that, we're debating how to shape a new look for the news and features in our 'front end' magazine, currently called The Bugle. So, if you have any ideas for a concept or name, for the overall section or its various components, please get in touch. Or if you'd like to feed back to us on how we start to share our editorial policy and areas of interest, we're all ears.

Here a few suggestions to hopefully spark some ideas...


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