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Helen Callaghan - 16 Aug 2019


Wednesday 28th August TRAILBLAZER'S TENT

2000 - Harp Meditation with Vicki Burke

Vicki Burke, harpist, healer, author and storyteller is maybe best known as a saxophonist. For 25 years this was her world where she could be found in such diverse as bands Ninja Tune’s Up Bustle & Out, or with Show of Hand’s Phil Beer band to local favourites Flash Harry.

2100 - Fireside Folk Sessions with Human Juke Box

Expect spontaneous fireside acoustic sessions from local musicians. Paul Leonard will be by the fire with his guitar and encyclopaedic knowledge of popular tunes of the 20th and 21st Century (plus his ipad). If there’s a song you fancy singing, let him know and he will accompany you along with his unplugged backing band.


Thursday 29th August TRAILBLAZER'S TENT

1600 Vocal improvisation with Joanna Harvey (Open Space / Tent 2)

A session for confident singers who want to explore vocal improvisation. Joanna will introduce various forms for freeing ourselves and our voices up to let go of inhibition, play and express ourselves. It can be in turns terrifying, liberating, joyful and therapeutic, but is mostly great fun!  ‘Joanna is a fantastic leader - very relaxed and natural and she instils the confidence to take a risk. Some of the vocal improvisations we create in the sessions are truly astonishing - energising, sometimes funny and very often moving.’

2000 - Bob Hillary

A folk singer-songwriter who makes music that is earthy, funky & positive, with a strong world music influence. He is a passionate advocate of the 'Live Simply' movement that is currently spreading around the globe and is a keen practitioner of yoga, meditation and living naturally. He is actively engaged in bringing about much-needed change to outdated systems in the world and his songs have this message running strongly through them.

2100 - Facing the Ocean

Mandolin & guitar tunes inspired by places in our locality and the wild landscape of the west

2145 - Boudicca's Child

A female trio from Frome, with three part harmonies, flute, guitar and sax. "Their connection is beautiful, sweet, tender and just magical. Three friends, having fun, diving in deep, exploring strength and vulnerabilities together."

Friday 30th August TRAILBLAZER'S TENT

2000 - Borrowed Light

Borrowed Light are three musicians from Frome playing guitars, fiddle, cajon, clarinet, accordina and bass clarinet. The trio plays music and sings rich three part harmonies to conjure up atmospheric moods that appeal to their eclectic musical taste – from folk tunes and songs through Latin and Alt Country to Nick Drake and Neil Young covers.

2110 - Bruce Bickerton

Bruce was recently described as an ‘unassuming polymath’ who makes some of the best music you’ll ever hear in a field in Somerset. Check out his recordings as alucidnation. Here he will be in DJ mode playing a variety of tunes for listening and dancing pleasure.


Saturday 31st August TRAILBLAZER'S TENT

1315 - Boudicca's Child

A female trio from Frome, with three part harmonies, flute, guitar and sax. "Their connection is beautiful, sweet, tender and just magical. Three friends, having fun, diving in deep, exploring strength and vulnerabilities together."

1600 - Sarah Jewell 

Musical Director of the renowned Songlines International Choir and a composer who is often commissioned to write anthemic pieces to accompany mass political/educational actions, Sarah recently hosted Campfire’s inspirational Trailblazers weekend at Selgars Mill in Devon. After 23 years in London she has now moved full time to the south west to build a new ecologically sensitive sanctuary with music at its heart and revolution in its soul. As many of us have come together through creative connections Sarah will lead informal singing and music making sessions throughout the weekend because every significant social movement needs a soundtrack to bond and inspire! 

2030 - Storm Chorus

Rebecca Denniff : Folk singer, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of traditional songs, discovered by David singing in a basement folk club. Floor singer in her favourite folk club haunts, she brings the songs of death to life. She can sing you under the table. David Owen : Singer/songwriter with cult indie band The Hollow Men. Co-writer/producer and one half of underground folk taunt, The FLK. Graphic artist of some renown and the folk agitator they love to hate.

2140 - DJ Session. Campfire's Firestarter Pete Lawrence gets his box of tricks out for a soulful, funky Saturday night party.

Sunday 1st September TRAILBLAZER'S TENT

1300 - Blighters

Blighters are two fiddles, guitar and cajon playing tunes from around the world including feisty Swedish duets (arranged for four), circle dance tunes from Europe and other tunes to pull at your heartstrings from America to Russia, with love.

1505 - Circle Dance led by Tara Greaves

Dancing in a circle to live music is one of life’s great pleasures, supporting community, health and harmony. We dance to traditional music from Greece, The Balkans, Russia, Israel, Armenia, connecting with the peoples who have been dancing these steps for hundreds of years... Simple steps, no experience or partner needed.

1630 - After Party DJ TBC


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