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- 18 Feb 2019


Unlocking our potential

Our Mentorship Scheme is really gathering pace, which is exciting and will be a major focus of our crowdfund, launching in April.

As part of the Campfire Convention crowdfunding initiative, we are inviting ideas for ‘How To’ learnshop sessions from our members. These are only limited by our collective imagination but are already ranging from sessions on how to write from the heart, how to be yoga, creating and delivering successful events, promoting and managing your music or working towards citizens assemblies through to practical guides on photography, public speaking, raw chocolate making and podcasting. Whatever you skill or interest, we are inviting you to offer it to Campfire’s ‘Mentorship Circle’ programme pool, either as donation or as a day / half day when you can earn and split the income with us to whet the appetite of a potential crowdfunder.

Your project or business will receive full publicity in our mail shots and on the Campfire website. If you make a DIY mobile phone video of around one minute, we are happy to circulate that too. 

We are getting together a template for setting up a page on Campfire which we can then add to the Project which will contain everyone’s articles.

Andie Brazewell’s article is a proposed template that might be useful for helping you create your own page around your event and skill:

If you'd like join us, we would then need you to create a post to detail your session/s, (see Andie's page)  We can help you with this if you want.

Ideally the sessions should take place between mid May and late August, to allow time from the start of the campaign, targeted to launch in early April.

If you need to discuss numbers, venue, date or anything else, drop us a message via or by messaging here via his page @Pete Lawrence  

Campfire needs your support to enable its continued development, starting with the Phase 3 Trailblazer appeal to fund our development and software upgrade and also prepare our Karma (kudos) scheme, aimed at giving its membership a profit share based on their contributions to the community. Campfire is aiming for a fundraise over the year to advance its push for a new form of conscious community-based social media and its plans to offer an upgraded software later in the year as a potential social networking solution for the wider eco-system of like-minded communities.  

Thanks again for your interest in this exciting project.





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