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Lisa Faiers - 24 Jun 2019


I feel blessed to live in a town where it is possible to just show up and light up a fire , where passers-by can be attracted by the sparks and come be part of an inclusive gathering. 

The thought of creating a social event where people could do exactly that was part of what attracted me to Campfire Convention initially. 

We started the evening by moving around the circle with short introductions, name, stuff that has shaped us, etc . We hadn't all met before and I was particularly  keen for the event to be about being open and welcoming and about celebrating our differences.  I think we managed this and I was really glad that there was a good mix of ages among the 20 odd people who came along, as challenging ageism is a personal interest of mine.  

My intention was simply to provide a space for inclusive conversation  and let it evolve  from there. 

The only downside? We should have started the fire much earlier as during the first part of the evening we were definitely sending out 'smoke signals' !  By 10.30 ish  our fire was energising us in a way that only an open fire can and its sparks were attracting new friends who had been enjoying an evening on the beach.