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Mary Valiakas - 21 Jun 2019


Among the excitement of the Little Chill being born out of the ashes of the Big Chill festival, there is another rebirth happening within the Little Chill itself. Campfire Convention's regional group, the Athens beacon, and the social enterprise, Oi Polloi, are holding space for the Renaissance of Humanity. In this symposium style speaker's tent, we'll be unveiling an ambitious plan to gather the best minds, and the biggest hearts of our generation and invite them to reimagine how society operates in the place where modern civilisation has gone from cradle to grave: Greece. The speaker line-up is still taking shape, but so far includes:

  • Benita Matofska, a global leader in the sharing economy dedicated to mainstreaming the sharing economy worldwide as the new socioeconomic paradigm, author of Generation Share, and the pioneer behind Global Sharing Week the annual celebration of sharing that aims to shift the focus away from what's wrong with the world, to what's right with it 

  • Indra Adnan, founder of the Soft Power Network and co-initiator of The Alternative UK, a platform aiming to reimagine politics in the UK and beyond

  • Dimitrios Kraniotis, TedX speaker, cultural ambassador and co-founder of Artk4Art that's building bridges between Greece and the UK through arts and culture

  • Andy Chapman (Director) and Sandra White (core member and ecopsychologist) from the Economy for the Common Good, a social movement advocating for an alternative economic model based on wellbeing of people and the environment

The rationale behind this speakers' forum? That in this Age of Crisis, only big ideas can tackle big challenges. And that global solutions start with the local and the personal. This is why talks, discussions and panels are centred around the question 'what does it mean to be human today, in a world with overdepleted resources, and a burgeoning population?' 

Open call for up-and-coming imagineers

The difference between humans and all other species is that, as economist César Hidalgo says, “we are able to create physical instantiations of the objects we imagine. Whereas other species are stuck with nature’s inventory”. So now is the time to be daring like never before. To ignite pockets of vertiginous innovation – and perform feats of unprecedented imagination. I am beyond grateful that others have believed in my wild idea to reboot Greece as a beacon of civilisaiton. This is why I have reserved space for interesting up-and-coming thinkers – or as I like to call them, imagineers – who dare to steal fire from the Gods. 

If you would like to join a panel of such intrepid imagineers at the Little Chill festival, please submit around 500 words on the question 'what does it mean to be human today?' by July 8th. Winners will be announced by July 15. Note, if you are successful you must be able to join a panel on Friday July 26. Please submit entries to

That's it for now! If you haven't already got your Little Chill tickets, you can do so here.




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