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Bill Palmer - 14 Feb 2020



A mobile app for people who want to share their knowledge and skills to get in touch with people who want to learn.


  • Sharing knowledge feels good.
  • Enthusiasm is better shared.
  • Teaching others your special skills develops self-esteem
  • Helps join up society and combat loneliness

.Many people have knowledge or skills which they would love to share but don’t want to set up a formal course.

For instance:

  • People who have developed a hobby or an interest they want to share or pass on
  • Older people with a lifetime of experience which can be lost when they retire.
  • Amateur Musicians , Writers , Actors, Cooks and Artists  want to share their creations
  • People with more than one language who want to
  • Young people who have done a course and want to share their enthusiasm

In the UK when people retire all the knowledge and skills of that person are lost to the community – there is often no way for that experience to be transmitted to the next generation.

How it works

  1. People will register on the App as a Sharer, a Learner or Both
  2. Sharers will specify what skills and knowledge they have
  3. Learners will specify what categories of things they want to learn
  4. The App will match Sharers to Learners and they can communicate securely through the App to set up sessions.
  5. The App will be initially local to Frome to pilot the idea


  1. Only available for over 18's
  2. Ability to report problems/ leave feedback
  3. Profiles and dialogues are monitored

Future Developments

  1. Widening the geographical area and adding a proximity filter
  2. Enabling popular sharers to set up classes rather than one-one
  3. Helping sharers to find venues for their classes.


Income & Costs

  • The idea is that knowledge is shared for free so we will not charge for registration of sharers.
  • We may set up a small fee for learners when they find a teacher.
  • In the future we may bolt on a marketplace for advertising local paid courses and take commission.
  • After the idea is piloted then we may attract grants from funding bodies.


Initial Development

  • Functional Specification: Free – time already donated
  • Technical Specification, Coding and Testing:  £5,000 - £8,000
  • Hosting: In initial phase, Free
  • Domain Name: £25 per year

We have match funding secured for the Tech Spec and coding up to £2500

We also have one coder who will give some time for free.







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