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Helen Callaghan - 16 Aug 2019


THE FUTURE: Community-led social media for ALL

Katie is a Campfire member, writer and social media guru. She identifies the 'social media vortex of doom' that we've all come to dread - the sense that so many posts are either driven by erroneous algorithms, that everyone is having a better time than we are, that people are constructing a false image of themselves to boost their ego and try and score points. Or just the plain fact that Zuck's algorhithms are out of kilter with our own circadian rhythms and our newsfeed really just isn't in tune with what we want to read.

Brockhurst's last book 'Social Media for a New Age' is rooted in sanity and pragmatism - tools and tips to advance your effectiveness online. She is wise to the damage caused by commercial profit-driven corporations whilst still believing in the social media utopia as a force for good and for fulfilling dreams but her recent thinking and follow up book has moved the discussion onto the recognition and owning up to the reality of a situation where surveillance capitalism has taken root, led by the likes of Google and Facebook, to the point where the services offered by the social media giant have to be questioned and challenged at every available opportunity while we look for alternatives. The future, for Katie, is very much much about community-led social media that works for the benefit of all.


Come and listen to Katie's story and many more insights at Campout 2019: 
WHEN: Friday 30th August at 1100
WHERE:  Trailblazers Tent

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