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Pete Lawrence - 07 Sep 2017


Link for forum sofa session


The talk by Campfire member @Jonathan Leighton at July's Campfire Conversation in Chesham was one of the most successful and memorable talks of the series. His mantra is about “promoting universal compassion and the alleviation of suffering as society’s core value”

He is a writer and public speaker on ethics, dedicated to developing strategies for a gentler world with less suffering. Since June 2016 he has been the Executive Director of Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering (OPIS), a Swiss-based think-and-do tank he founded to spread compassion and promote the prevention of human and non-human suffering as our overriding global ethical priority. He believes that transparent ethical values and principles are an essential basis for designing new systems that we can all largely agree on. He describes his approach to ethics and its relation to human nature in his book “The Battle for Compassion”. Some of the key ideas are communicated in a 20-minute film that he produced with the same name.

Jonathan joins us on the forum sofa at 20:00 on Tuesday 12th September 





kirsty hawkshaw

Truly memorable indeed. I've been stepping up on researching and living the plant based lifestyle since Jonathan came to stay and have found it easier to stick to this time. My weakness before was eggs and goats cheese! Despite the event being very low in numbers it was really intimate and connected and I'm glad we managed to capture Jonathan's message on film and was also thrilled to see Mia Manners show up from London :). Since the event I've joined a local Vegan Facebook page and hope to invite them to campfire website. Thanks for joining us Pete it was well worth the effort and enlightening x


Pete Lawrence

I always find there are at least one or two gems that have emerged from every Campfire Conversation, @kirsty hawkshaw and meeting @Jonathan Leighton was certainly one of them and the fact that he has set up our first non-UK Beacon is exciting as is the fact that he's talking at the Convention 002.UK in November.
And then, of course, there was meeting @Mia Manners again after a long time...


Jonathan Leighton

This is the page where the Sofa Session will happen (unlocked at 8pm):

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