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Vicki Burke - 29 Jan 2019


The third Campfire People’s Meeting in Frome was held on January 27th 2019 and was opened by @Will Gethin. With his insight into the ‘Hero’s Journey’ Will offered beautiful insights into the story of our lives, giving meaning and worth to the best and especially the worst episodes and the natural progressions that they follow. This is a wonderful tool that can help us as individuals but also our journey as a community experiencing great change and growth.

In the second half of the meeting the idea of introducing a People’s Assembly to Frome was proposed. A film of an Extinction Rebellion workshop given by Keith Garrett from the Sortition Foundation gave an excellent overview of the history and how an assembly works. A Skype conversation with Patrick Chalmers, who filmed the Irish assembly which dealt with the toxic issue of abortion, long avoided by the Irish politicians, enabled any questions on logistics and strategy to be discussed and thought through. 

When the meeting had come to a close the majority were in favour of holding a People’s Assembly in Frome. Most of those people were also willing to get involved with helping to make it happen. Watch this space.

Frome Beacon are holding monthly meetings on the last Sunday of each month at 3pm. All welcome

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