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Pete Lawrence - 27 Aug 2017



We are pleased to invite Indra Adnan from The Alternative UK to the first Q&A session on the Campfire Forum Sofa Sessions (Tuesday August 29th 20:00)

Indra is a Campfire member and has already been a guest speaker at our Frome and Brighton Campfire Conversation events.

She will be our guest on our forum for the first session - answering questions and chatting about her ideas and feelings on this thread which will be locked until 20:00 Tuesday

If you would like to submit questions to Indra please submit them in advance on the general Sofa Sessions thread on the forum or ask them to her direct on Tuesday on the live thread.

The Alternative UK are doing vital and pioneering work on reimagining politics in the UK in its its widest sense. 

The Alternative's Six values are as follows :

Courage. Courage to look problems in the eye. But also courage about the future we share.
Generosity. Everything which can be shared will be shared with anyone interested.
Transparency. Everybody should be able to look over our shoulders. On good days and on bad.
Humility. To the task. To those on whose shoulders we stand. And to those who will follow us.
Humour. Without humour there can be no creativity. Without creativity there can be no good ideas. Without good ideas there can be no creative power. Without creative power there can be no results.
Empathy. Putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Looking at the world from that point of view. And creating win-win solutions for everyone.

The values are not just there to be brought out on special occasions. The six core values must be constant indicators that are visible in our daily political work – in the way we think, speak and act. From debate, to political initiatives and to the way we campaign.

Their website's Daily Alternative offers daily tools, tales and tips for social change. 

Of recent posts, The Power of a White Page makes a strong statement on the power of art and "that artists will play an important role in shaping the politics of the future and providing create solutions for the challenges we face."

There is also a belief amongst many that the future belongs to female energy and their 13 Tenets of Future Feminism makes for interesting reading


Their Three realms are I, We, World 

1) the way we feel about ourselves (what we call the "I" realm)

2) the way we interact with others and (what we call the "We" realm)

3) the way we think about ourselves in relationship to the much bigger picture – the world at large (what we call the "World" realm)




Lizzie Jackson

Hi, Looking forward to chatting to Indra Adnan at 8pm!

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