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Pete Lawrence - 22 Oct 2017


Afternoon ideas keynote : Harmony, balance and human kind

Martin Nelson was the inventor of London’s first ever cycle route and has recently designed the C25 as an alternative to the M25, a collection of "arcs and spokes” around London making up a series of recreational rides for the adventurous cyclist. EQ uses the spring and autumn equinoxes as annual moments of total equality on the planet for all mankind. In marking these moments, twice a year every year, perhaps we as humans can put aside all divisions of border, race, religion and difference and unite for the good of the planet and mankind. More about Martin

Michael Solomon Williams initiated a musicians’ response to the result of the Brexit referendum and tragic loss of Jo Cox in 2016 that grew into the Common and Kind charitable single 'Human Kind' and several live concerts at the Union Chapel in 2016/2017. The message of Common and Kind has synergy with Martin’s EQ in its message that "we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than that which divides us”. More about Michael.

Michael's Campfire Project Common and Kind



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