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Pete Lawrence - 26 May 2017



Frome's Conversation took place on a glorious sunny evening at the Rye Bakery.. here are a few photos.

After a musical warm up from Borrowed Light, a welcome from @Peter Macfadyen and @Annabelle Macfadyen , Annabelle lit the fire and we moved into a Campfire introduction, followed by an open and wide-ranging conversation, covering why people had attended and what they hoped to get out of the evening.

This was followed by delicious veggie stew with salad and new potatoes, with musical accompaniment from Vicki Burke on harp.

Annabelle and Peter introduced @Indra Adnan and @Pat Kane  from The Alternative UK for  ‘I’,’ we’, ‘World’ and 'Fishbowl' format conversations plus artistic input from local poets Liv Torc and Rose Flint.

After final comments from, Pete, Indra and Pat in a brief ‘Where do we go from here?’ section,  ways that people can get engaged in our respective activities : Community politics in Frome, Campfire Trailblazers and Alternative UK platform and how we can co-ordinate and work together going forward, using Campfire's Beacons (soon to be introduced) to continue the conversation.



Lou Mycroft

Those are glorious photos and how lovely to get an impression of how the Frome Conversation went. Looking forward to Sheffield on 3rd June even more now!

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