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Pete Lawrence - 23 Jun 2018


Tallulah Rendall led a magical night of circle singing around the campfire in a beautiful orchard under a clear starry sky in Frome...

Thanks to Dave and Lara for inviting us to their beautiful garden and apple orchard, to Dobbie, Mike and Graeme for archiving and to Tallulah for holding and leading the space. 

An extraordinary evening that will be treasured by all who who came. 

Gratitude to Tallulah for holding the space, Pete for having the vision and all of us for blessing the land with song ?✨  Lara

Deep magic right there in that Grove under the moon light with all of your beautiful voices! 
Feeling bathed and nourished! 
Thank you ALL! 
And Tallulah for your weaving! I loved being one of your threads ?  

Shumbi Love

I woke up this morning filled with song and the magic our voices created around the fire. Thank you Tallulah and Pete for bringing us together, thank you Lara and Dave for having us in your wondrous garden, thank you Tallulah for holding the space so beautifully and generously with such gorgeous songs. I feel truly lifted. Wishing you all a sun-filled and joyful weekend xxx

Esther Rose Parkes

Beautiful and scary and fun to be there and keep allowing opening of heart and voice. Thank you all for sharing your sound and hearts to allow mine to emerge and be carried and to play!

Tuls that central line up from the Earth through my heart and out my voice really really helped!
Thank you for holding us all so tenderly. Magic right there!

Thank you Pete and Dave n Lara and everyone for a special evening ❤

Benjamin Love

?✨Absolute pure magic ✨?
    To sing together like we did

So grateful to the calling and deep listening in your heart @Tallulah Rendall to allow and weave such a suchness to happen held us so dearly...
And @Pete Lawrence for your vision too with Campfire Convention and the strengthening backbone of it
And @Daniel Dobbie and other tech crew for you gentle-men-ly presence 
And @Lara and Dave for the land you call home and sharing it with us ???
And to all of us together around the ?
Love and thanks


‘Tis funny. On my way to Frome last night on the train from Bristol (where I live & work, for those that don’t know me!) I was struck by the feeling of coming home. And then being with you all, in such a sweet and sumptuous setting, around a fire in the arms of my beloved, faces of old friends and new, shining in the firelight, I knew why the sense of homecoming was so strong. I’m nourished to the core and thank you all for a wonderful gathering! Yum. ?????




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