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Pete Lawrence - 25 Oct 2018


The Frome Beacon will meet on the last Sunday of every month. We will talk about how we can make a difference individually and collectively. We are proposing a guest speaker and open space format on alternate months


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Campfire’s Frome Beacon is reconvening in November with the first of a series of monthly people’s meetings on the last Sunday of every month, which will (if all goes to plan) culminate in a 5-day Campout retreat just outside Frome at the end of August.

We would like to thank Peter and Annabelle Macfadyen for offering to host our November gathering at their house in Nunney Road on Sunday 25th November 3pm-6.30pm. 

We start with an introduction and general discussion about gathering ideas and inviting proposals for how we go forward and then split into Open Space format across 3 spaces - where anyone who is attending can propose a theme, topic or idea and we will all vote with our feet. 

Tea and cake will be provided and we will operate the event on a voluntary pay-what-you-feel basis - contributions welcome on the day.

The enclosed PDF has more details (see bottom of page) and an outline of our vision for Campfire’s Frome Beacon. 

Tickets are very limited (30) so please book your space as soon as possible by clicking on the link immediately below: 


Now is our time

In this age of disconnection, fear, and alienation, how do we find purpose, togetherness, an

d belonging? Join us at our monthly people’s meetings, gatherings that aim to offer solutions through the power of community. Let’s use this time for connection celebration and spontaneity and to widen our perspective, to gather ideas and invite proposals, to meet and chat with others who we may not encounter in our day-to-day lives. 

In the quest to learn how to live a better life and to create a better world, how do we find balance, strength, and drive? 

Campfire Conversations can strike up our own civic group which has potential to work alongside the Council and feed into it as a think-tank.

Knowing we are not alone is half the battle. It’s together that we can create the change we all know is possible as we move towards a post-capitalist world. Simple in its setup to allow for spontaneous co-creation, our event is likely to feature guest speakers and discussions around the important issues that affect us all. Every other month, we are utilising the Open Space format which offers the opportunity to convene our own sessions to bring into being whatever you feel will benefit the community of Frome.

Examples of open space sessions from previous Campfire events have included:

  • Co-counselling. Listening skills and a tool for social activism
  • How can we live differently?
  • Free your inner performance artist
  • Self Esteem - real or pseudo?
  • What do people want from Campfire? What can they give?
  • Building a bow top caravan
  • The Value of Silence - write down and jettison(into the fire) any unwanted stuff
  • Circle Singing
  • The power of purpose
  • Starting an Air BnB
  • Yin Yoga
  • Head and shoulder massage

Campfire Conversations : Last Sunday of the month at 3pm. 

Download PDF below for more info and schedule / dates

Connecting : Listening : Learning : Exploring : Inspiring




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