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Pete Lawrence - 19 Jun 2018


Our eighth Firecast is a recording of my Paros breakfast meeting with Mary Valiakas, founder of Campfire's Athens Beacon and Head of Innovation at the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy. A lucid and articulate thinker, Mary talks about her recent move back to Greece and the ongoing cultural shift from masculine to feminine archetypal values. She explains how the switch from capitalism to collectivism has led to Greece using its grey zones from falling apart to maximise the impact of self-organising systems and to bring philosophy home to the cradle of western civilisation. She's a key player in building bridges between Greece and the UK.

"Let's reimagine a modern democracy. We have the tools... when it comes together correctly, the impact could be huge. If one wave passes and we don't catch it, let's ride the next one!" 

"Love needs re-branding thee days"

"How can we create an ecosystem based on love and nurturing?"




Andie Brazewell

Very interesting, insightful and can't wait to meet you @Mary Valiakas

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