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Pete Lawrence - 15 Mar 2018


@Mee Ysanne (Mee)@ is launching Campfire's US initiative this spring with Beacons for New York City and Los Angeles, before 'handing on the torch' in those cities . Here she talks about her inspiration, the social and political climate in the States as well as a need for diversity, science and art, her love for Mads Ryle's 'Firegram' concept and the importance of human touch.




Katherine Lucy Sang

Exceptionally good listen - Dialog across difference, inclusivity as a fundamental.

"A symbolic statement of radical evolutionary power: your primary value as a human is not the value you bring to the economy'. But the changes we need to make - to our societies and our collective consciousness - in order to take a turn back to one another go far beyond that." Steven Pinker. Though of course there are good and practical reasons this makes sense - The business case for social inclusion.

We should prioritise the hardest and most important work of all. And that, simply is being with one another. " David Mattin.

From reactive to responsive. Wonderful.

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