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Jeremy Pearce - 03 Feb 2020


"The idea of creating an ethical ,honest multi product range that will be unique, that will genuinely enhance well being, health and spirit and environment that's also universally affordable and not a luxury product for high wage earners

I am just about to try and collate an idea that came into my head.

I have spent a lot of time thinking. I startedmoving thought into written word on the fledgling Campfire site possibly over 4 years ago when the site was in beta stage. It was something completely new to me but in no way did it feel alien or unnatural doing it. This I think is my 100th post. 

So enough introduction. This is what I envisage:

There is something wrong with most health, lifestyle food  products. Not by the physical appearance when you pick them up. They look, smell and taste just how the marketing directors and product managers want them to. But its a facade, an illusion...

Detox tooth paste? Vegan washing up liquid? No animal ever came close to even a bottle of Fairy. It is petro-chemical for gods sake with pufum (synthetic sent ). I bought some Body Shop products. I'm an ingredients nerd and a closet hypochondriac with an enlarged prostrate and a thyroid issue. The last thing I want to put on my skin are known endorphin disrupters parbens or Aluminum  derivatives topically or internally,  but these eco marketed products contain them at a premium price sold in ludicrous single-use non biodegradable packaging  and it really pisses me off big time. As for Food just look at the blog

So how does this fit into the Eno Challenge and the Campfire and the social media concept ?

We have been connecting. Even though we are all different. We have been  enlightened by the talks. I have noticed there are many things in common on the thought wavelength  and I don't think the full realization and potential of the skill base and creativity has been recognised yet. 

What I am about to propose ticks everything within the Campfire ethos and will create ultimately the revenue power base that will subsidise the media site that will help to grow the product range from within it. The media site is in cyberspace. This is on terra firma but both are "Campfire World"

We are going to design, source, market, brand, package  and ultimately distribute and control point of sale  of are own ethical brands and use the packaging as the communicator. It will run as a cooperative with a board of directors that change at a time period like the Citizens Assembly model with no outside share holders. Profit goes back in on Karma / Kudos concept with no CEO cream off. Who knows, five years down the line we might have created our own global green footprint and might not screwing our employees over because every one - from the cleaners up - will be part of it. Sounds a bit of a socialist mad utopian dream maybe. But its possible

Cooperative models /finance/capital.

There are people who are thinking and creating alternative finance and bypassing the conventional monitory systems. Last year I became friends with The Hoe St bank project in Walthamstow - link below and one of the talks I attended covered this. 

What could we produce? Anything within our ethical code as long as its realistically marketable. It is not a new concept - Whole Earth catalog did it 50 years ago (mail order alternative lifestyle products from tipis to legumes). I am drawn to the creation and marketing of superior plant-based food and drink lines because I have the craft skills to do it.

We could have our own Campfire 'Bake Bread and Confectionary' line.  Brain has designed a smokeless fuel for instance. It could be textiles, It could be footware.  I was visiting Berlin last week and a vegan shop was selling vegan shoes. The product was made in England - just about the only thing I saw that was in 3 days ! It could be something as simple as candles,  it could be interior design or environmentally attuned travel. It could be cosmetics, bicycles, things to chain bicycles up with even. It could be energy generators. It could be audio visual, it could well be just about anything, from apples to pears to shoe laces flower pots, biodegradable plates even.

The only restriction is our imaginations.

So what happens after I pitch the concept?

We brainstorm it. Then we pick an initial product or small range of products,  turn the idea into  a physical entity, then we cost it to see if its feasible. Then we test them to fine tune to consistency  and "Campfire Quality " Then we find a way to reach the market, package and distribute.  Then we test-market and when everyone is happy, we openly market it. How where and and to whom I don't know yet but between us I am sure we can suss it out and even if its using already existing products to start these products would have to have our stamp of quality and purity  and not easily available anywhere else .

Campfire x




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