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Pete Lawrence - 14 Jun 2018


This will become our first DIY weekend event, programmed by our own members. Bring what you expect to find as well as your own genius and magic.

We have been invited back to The Bridge Inn, home of the inaugural Campfire Convention two years ago. No formal activities or organised entertainment, just us and a beautiful natural setting - and a campfire of course... plus all the facilities the pub offers in regard to food and drink too.

Glyn, the landlord of the pub, in the foothills of the Black Mountains has opened up his gardens and adjacent field for us to have a campfire and is also promising some musical entertainment too

To add to the attraction that weekend is likely to see some meteor shower activity too and the skies have a habit of being clear at that time of year. 

Roll up! 

Very limited tickets - just charged at the pub's camping rate of £20 per person (weekend tickets only)

The Bridge Inn, Michaelchurch Escley, Hereford HR2 0JW

TICKETS ON SALE FRIDAY from the link below 




Rebecca Pitfield

Hi, I’d like to buy a ticket. I’m going to hire a camper that week, will that work? I’ll have bell tent and two dogs, the spaniels, not Patch, they are very well behaved. Bec


Rebecca Pitfield

Looks wonderful! What a great idea ?

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