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Pete Lawrence - 13 Apr 2018


Sparks were lit in the UK's second city yesterday as Birmingham's Campfire Beacon staged their first planning meeting. Thanks to @Jan Kimber for hosting.

April is often a great time of year for ideas and we followed the Brighton model using @Mads Ryle's 'Firegram' concept and are progressing towards a few calls to action including:

Cross-community participation via a Campfire event (@Izzy Mohammed)

Waste management initiative   @Jan Kimber 

Soup Kitchen idea (not feeding the homeless but @Louise Scrivens's suggestion for fundraising meet ups)... to be developed here

Diversity / learning days which can also involve a social (all)

Flyers / PR campaign for Hay festival  @Mark Robbins 

Meetings re hate crime / identity and linking into politicians and local authorities  @David Carter 

Broadening membership locally though regular events (all)

In short... much more to come. Next meeting planned for Thursday 24th May (morning) with public-facing event to follow.

Watch this space...


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