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Pete Lawrence - 28 Oct 2018


If you're new to Campfire - welcome!  You can find much info in the About Campfire sections on the footer of every page.

We have a mixture of stories this week, some hopeful, some dystopian but all have community, seeking common ground and working for a better world at their heart. Change is in the air and many of us are seeking solutions and a coming together at this time.

The great news for Campfire is that our developers have sorted out the odd pop ups that were occuring on some links in recent weeks, particularly from Facebook links to Campfire (I doubt it's a Zuckerworld conspiracy!). All our tests so far have brought a positive no-spam response, so do feel free to get busy posting...we'd love to share your creativity and passions in the Campfire pages.

Meanwhile, here is my report from my van which is parked up at a wonderful harvest festival I am attending this weekend on a permaculture farm near Abergavenny. For me, it's a model of how the future of festivals should look - small, participatory, eco-friendly, educational, democratic and fun...a positive vision.

Last weekend, the second Tree Conference took place in FromeIt was agreed by those who came to be a landmark event as well as being vitally important in re-connecting us with nature.

Here is my report of the day's activities and a link to the latest Firecast video interview with founder Suzi Martineau. The interview is also available in traditional Firecast format as an audio podcast.

Are Europeans trying to steal our smarties?

Jeremy Pearce's frontline report from last weekend's central London 'people's vote' march

What if Bristolians ran the world?

This is the title of an inspiring articlefrom > Evolving Anarchy new member Kate Burgessas she previews the upcoming KIN festival...

"With it's networks of groups, activists and dreamers, Bristol could very well be a place where better, more radical stories can emerge ready to change those big, bad ones."

A change in the weather...

Sticking with Bristol, in a recent talk at Bristol's Anson Rooms, the usually non-partisan George Monbiothad some interesting things to say about the Labour party and also about the plans he is involved with to "revolutionise" housing. Hear what he said in this report.> David Stubbs' post-conference article >>. Check outwhuHe      


We are very much looking forward to igniting the Campfire in Wincanton with Lynne Franks at her exciting new venue. I was invited to her Tea and Talks at The Hub at No.3, aka formerly known as The TreeHouse, with her many “friends and neighbours, fellow Buddhists and general all round gorgeous people”. The new project officially opens in February and we hope to be doing something there next year. Watch this space...


Not comfortable reading, but essential to be alert to all manner of dystopian possibilities in this topsy-turvy world. Check out Daniel Pinchbeck's latest blog for Campfire "It feels like a race between systems of control and systems of cooperation, with control far ahead in the race at this point."


Because of our greed and lack of awareness, vast areas of the planet are being made uninhabitable. Drinking water is running out, droughts will be commonplace and the aquifers are emptying. Basically there are far too many of us. The fragile 'civilisation' we live in is not sustainable. Bill Palmer imagines how the future might go after the collapse that seems inevitable.


Breaking news...Yesterday saw Clare Ryalls opening Wimborne's first pop up vegan café. Yay to Clare!

Check our latest Firecast, now on video or audio podcast

Have a great Sunday and stay warm!


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