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Pete Lawrence - 17 Feb 2018



You may have read about Campfire's Global Beacons initiative on the Campfire site or in last weekend's email and we seem to be off to an encouraging start. In just a few days we’ve already had statements of intent from several UK locations (including new Beacons) as well as good interest from Athens, St Petersburg, Auckland, Slovenia and California, which suddenly gives the whole concept a much more international flavour.

If you know anyone around the globe who might be interested in setting up a Beacon to host a small gathering, please feel free to make contact with them about the idea. 

I had a very positive meeting with editors of both The Guardian and Observer last week, and they are both enthusiastic to support Campfire and the Global Beacons initiative with some coverage in the run up to summer solstice. The relationship looks promising to work in other ways too and I will bring you details as plans unfold.

We will use spring equinox to gather ideas rather than stage many events, though Exeter has already announced one for March 20 and I will be hosting an exploratory Frome meeting on March 21

We intend to produce a global webcast around summer solstice events and would like to feature as many Beacons as possible, so a wifi connection and a smartphone or iPad would work!  

A Beacon's solstice gathering doesn’t need to be anything ambitious - it could even be a dozen of you sitting around a fire in a field, park or back garden. Or indoors, or in a pub function room, church or gallery. The key is to have the pins in the map linking us around the world in some sort of proactive coming together for social change and to improve lives.

I hope you can join us in working towards joining up on these dates of seasonal change, the symbolic significance of which feels somehow resonant for other types of change that many of us feel is needed too.

We believe that the cumulative potential to empower at local level via our Beacons can really make a difference. If you would like to talk more about how you can get involved, please contact me to organise a Zoom or Skype.

Meanwhile here is the link to stream or download our latest Firecast, featuring our own members chatting about what lights their respective fires, including an enlightening interview with Mancunian @Rick Turner on our future in a world increasingly dominated by AI. I've really enjoyed listening back to everyone's collective wisdom and hope you do too.

Pick up the week for articles : @Jonathan Goldsmith (BeMoreYou)@ on why taking part in a Beacon is good for your health and @Anthea Sweet's book review on new perspectives on health - her quest to feel better and Dr Rangan Chatterjee's 4 Pillar Plan.



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