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Pete Lawrence - 10 Sep 2017


Hello and greetings from the camper van, parked up at blustery Winchelsea Beach in Sussex. My last-but-one weekend in it this summer...

The big news is that we've just announced our second Convention for Saturday November 4th at Union Chapel, North London. The format will revolve around speakers and thinkshop panels during the day and a social in a nearby pub function room in the evening. The thinkshops are coming together nicely and will be announced very shortly - subjects cover sustainable communities, radical new approaches to education, the politics of food production and consumption, how we live and work together (co-housing, co-working, values..) and, of course, how we can reimagine politics and move on from what many consider to be a very outmoded political system.. we debate whether we do it via stealth or revolution.

Free lunch, snacks and all-day tea and coffee are included in the price. The evening social in a nearby pub function room will of course be where the real business gets done ;)  Our overall theme for the day is 'reimagining our world' with a hefty dose of weeding out the cynicism.

So much happening on the site this week, I don't know where to begin! Lots of sparks since our last Campfire highlights newsletter so I'll just dip in to just a can find most of it in The Bugle, our site magazine.

@Samantha Roddick seeks and finds beauty, growth and joy, ten years on from the grief of losing her mother Anita@Marva Jackson Lord remembers her Mum, Veronica - both poignant and brave articles. 

The heritage and history of Birmingham's Bangladeshi-owned Indian restaurants is the subject of @Izzy Mohammed's piece on the Knights of the Raj project, while this Tuesday's guest on the forum sofa @Jonathan Leighton has set up a lnks set to examine the benefits of plant-based eating.

@Sally Hughes has been doing some sterling writing in her first month on the site and this morning's article is one of her best yet, about her career journey which she hopes may inspire and guide young women who are at the beginning of their own journeys. She also writes on how we all need to be leaders.

Some great photography in focus on the site : @Andy Scaysbrook has just created his own website of stunning images - photojournalism at its very best@Andrew Cleal has posted some of his shots from the Hay on Wye area and @Kimm Fearnley is just back from another epic trip, this time from the USA where she has captured a variety of graffiti. Kimm has also just set up a Bournemouth Beacon which has a lot of exciting initiatives planned. Whilst on Beacons, I also hear from @Manda Graham that the Malvern Hills Beacon met this week and are planning monthly get togethers.

@Vicky Caplin's first post is a film review of We The Uncivilised which she says echoes Campfire's rallying call for 'redressing fears with positivity and hope' and new member @Helen Swan reports from Totnes in a blog about slow food and the virtues of slowing down.

BDSM is a lifestyle choice for some but I have noticed that the mainstream media generally lapses into a novelty approach when reporting about alternative sexual approaches. @lili free writes lucidly about "popping out of the pain/pleasure oscillation into pure bliss.. the realm of pure, cosmic energy." A must read

And there's more. Much much more from the last couple of weeks : @Ruth Wallsgrove on transition towns@Nadia Chambers on her arctic adventures@Ralph Pettingill on finding confidence in the kitchen@Azka Malik writes about attention-based rewards systems in her article on social media, blockchain and digital currency.

Projects : @Kevin Short has set up a Project containing his reviews of Edinburgh Festivaland @Sally Hughes's new Project asks "How can committing to take some ‘creative space’ shift us forward in our lives in ways we wouldn’t have imagined?". Have a browse through Projects and why not apply to collaborate if one takes your fancy - you'll find ones based on gigsfilms and books. I've just created a new music Project : Soundcscapes. If you'd like to collaboarate, please add your own articles, which can be playlists, stories or resources around an artist, band or genre.. whatever you want to enthuse about. My first entry is about my 60s Fab Gear flower-power pop mixes.

Our first sofa session on the forum with @Indra Adnan was a great success and we are doing our second one at 20:00 this Tuesday with Jonathan Leighton who spoke so lucidly at our Chesam Conversation in July. You can read about his mantra for “promoting universal compassion and the alleviation of suffering as society’s core value” via that link and please come and join the chat thread on Tuesday. We have some fantastic future guests lined up including Campfire keynote speaker Scilla Elworthy (Oct 3), Flatpack Democracy author @Peter Macfadyen (Oct 10) and Labour MP Chris Williamson (31st Oct).  

One request to all Campfire members... with all this wonderful writing, photo taking and creativity, PLEASE don't hold back on liking, commenting and sharing these features far and wide...  Those who spent the time putting together and creating the content would hugely appreciate your feedback and the more you can share these to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin as well as feed back to them here on Campfire itself, the more people will hear about Campfire. The same goes for the link to our Convention event, which has sold well in its first three days but we need to make sure that the limited tickets are snapped up by the right people...

Enjoy the week and hopefully see you in London on November 4th

Pete x


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