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Pete Lawrence - 07 Apr 2018


Hi - I hope you're having a good weekend. What a pick-me-up those two days of sun brought about this week after what had seemed like a relentless ongoing winter. With the sun has come, for many, a sense of optimism and renewed purpose. 

So much so that @Kimm Fearnley has been prompted to revive what was a much-loved Campfire tradition during our beta testing phase - the Weekend forum thread, which variously has been christened  'snip bits' 'snit-bits' and even 'snippets' I think. Come and join what is already turning into a lively discussion.

I've just come in from a #returntheplastics demo at Frome Sainsbury's. Read my report and watch the iPhone video here

We're collecting feedback on our new style formatted newsletter, which you should have recived twice now sent from me personally. The last one was sent around two weeks ago and I'm thinking of making this monthly, so if there are any new ideas you have for ongoing Campfire features for the summer, let me know. We have started an ongoing and occasional 'Campfire Voices' Q&A which features Solana Joyand Lehla Eldridge so far. If you'd like to do the Q&A to promote any new projects, events, passions or interests, or just to have a good rant, drop me a line!

Other features of interest lately include @Lehla Eldridge's report from a snowy Exeter Beacon launchon a chilly spring solstice and @Mads Ryle's article on natural environments and birdsong. There is also a great tribute to Stephen Hawking's lifefrom @Mary Valiakas as well as diffeing opinion columns on the thorny debate around anisemitism from @Ian Cuthbert and @Ian Wellens which you can find hereand here.

With all the ongoing furore around Facebook and the data mining debacle, I have written a pieceon whether the time is right for a new model of social networking that isnt about advertising, maximising profits and treating the members as the 'product'. I've also written up a report of the recent launch of the Frome Beaconand here is @Peter Macfadyen's take on the meeting in the wider context of democracy and how we can get involved. 

If you havent heard the Campfire Circle Singers remixthat I put together with 30 other Campfirers, it should be vailable on iTunes and Spotify next week. Here's the story of how this amazing collaborative project evolved.



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