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Pete Lawrence - 01 Aug 2018


Let's go camping....

It's ten days and counting until the Campout(August 10-12) in the sunniest summer we've had in decades. The excitement is building for our weekend in the glorious setting of the foothills of the Black Mountains.

This is a totally DIY weekend and Campfirers are coming up with suggestions for sessions and activities. We will have a blackboard at the pub where those who attend can fill in the blanks with sessions they’d like to host, whether it be a discussion, a meditation, a walk on the hills, a singing session or perhaps a ‘how to’ learnshop.

Keep an eye on the Campfire site from the end of this week and we will update you on what’s happening. We will all have different reasons for going – some may want to explore options for “an optimistic community future” as member Mark Robbins puts it. Others may be content having a beer around the campfire.

If you'd like to get involved and complete our questionnaire on what you'd like to bring to the event, it's quick and easy...

Solstice LARPing in the park

Jonathan Goldsmith has written up his report on the London Beacon summer solstice LARP, which took place in the beautiful Waterlow Park in Highgate, including a film of the live action roleplay.

Circle Singers : new reggae remix

The story of the Campfire Circle Singers project continues. In spring we released the remix from last November’s Union Chapel session lead by Tobias Hug and subsequently engaging over thirty contributors at various stages in the production. This week we make available the latest remix from Campfire member and studio maestro Chris Duffill. It’s his dubwise reggae take on the Sa Ta Na Ma song and it skanks along rather well, we reckon.

Hear the 'Join Hands' remix by Chris and read his story here

Keep This Weekend Free!

Full details of this event CAMPFIRE CONVENTION 003.UK - to be held in West Sussex on October 13/14 - will be announced over the next week or so...

Firecast 009

Our latest Firecast features an interview with Paul James, spokesperson for Blowzabella, a band I have loved since the 80s. To label them 'folk' is doing them a disservice. Here's a report from their Quantock Hills gathering in May...

Up for writing for Campfire?

Fancy getting involved?  Campfire's looking for writing from our community... it takes a few minutes to create a post and that can then be featured across the site. The Bugle editor would love to hear from you. Have you seen a good film? Come with up some interesting new idea? Read a book you can't put down? Do you have a bucket list of places you'd like to travel too? What is your take on latest styles and fashion? Share your passions and interests in a post - we'd like to feature it in our Guilds and The Bugle (site magazine). You can find lots of tips and hints in the Library. Here's an example...

> Uploading a post

Trump report

Trump’s UK visit made waves in many directions, and quite a few for the wrong reasons. Our roving reporter Jeremy Pearce reports from the front line on the anti-Trump demo in London.

Jeremy also reports from A Love Supreme festival in Sussex

Quiet time : The power of the fire

Another brilliant film from Frome Beacon buddy Daniel Dobbie (Angelfish Films) on the importance of quiet time and the power of the campfire / bonfire to change our mindset. 

"We go night-walking in the woods! Jo Clark teaches us the art of creating silence and reflection in children and teenagers. This is an amazing story where Jo talks about his experiences with young people and how he has observed positive changes in behaviour through the power of silence and personal reflection. A must watch for those with a passion for outdoor learning, child psychology, ecology or meditation."

Quote Unquote

"When people went on vacation, they shed their home skins, thought they could be a new person."

―Aimee Friedman, Sea Change



Kate Edgley

Can't wait. Really looking forward to it xxx


Mark Robbins

Dear all, how are we?
This DIY thing is both exciting and slightly scary but that is so CC, I feel. On a domestic front I am attending a funeral in Llandrindod Wells on Friday and then intend to come over after that. Still musing on accommodation as I really, really don't want to sleep in a tent- so suggestions for alternatives will be appreciated.
Not sure whether we have a timetable at all, perhaps the blackboard would sort that. If we have time there are a couple of issues/topics that might work but they aren't really to do with social activism but I will put them out anyway. 'People vs Biodiversity' is one and the other is 'Trickle-up vs Doughnut economics.
I should be returning to Worcestershire either on Sunday evening or Monday morning so if folks would like a lift...
Anyway, on to Campfire Campout. See you all there.
[Others will rue that they were not there].

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