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Pete Lawrence - 22 Feb 2017


What Do We Want? A Framework

We are collectively working towards a framework for real and radical evolutionary change. A framework is not easily formulated or agreed but if you'd like to contribute to discussion around a framework for making these changes, meaningful, then here is our starter for ten, based on members input and feedback :

For discussion:

• 1 A shift from materialism to empathy. Working for ‘the good of all’. A move away from trademarking, copyrights, intellectual property to 'creative commons’ and ‘open source'.

• 2 An overhaul of the political system, away from party politics - true grass roots democracy, maximising engagement (including digitally).

• 3 Re-imagining a future with more compassion and equality, a place where all can flourish, create and experience beauty.

• 4 Collaborative online platforms for ideas development, mutual support mechanisms and initiatives which reward their own members through measured input.

• 5 Localised communities working within a global interconnected framework.

• 6 Universal Basic Income : an automated, robotised workforce creates leisure-time for the planet’s workforce.

• 7 A shift in energy use to renewables.

• 8 Peace building through conflict resolution.

• 9 An end to the mainstream media stranglehold - self-sufficient networked communities that develop good practice with news formulation and dissemination.

• 10 Joining the dots whilst respecting the differences. A 'no nation' state aiming for global governance (imagine the UN like a smart social network).

• 11 Having fun in the process!



Jeremy Pearce

That 's pretty much the direction the November one was heading.Its an antidote for the cult of Popularist neo Fascism, that s been gradually "Normalized" by a controlled media into social acceptance !

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