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Campfire Voice - 11 Dec 2018


For some of us, our social media feeds seem full of comments about how the BBC’s flagship current affairs TV programme has totally lost its direction and is way past its sell-by date. David Dimbleby may get a standing ovation for his years of application, but a sense still exists that a new format is required quite urgently.

Often divisive and full of bickering, who wouldn’t feel tempted to throw their remote at the TV after being subjected to the ordeal of watching politicians, corporate magnates and arts celebrities fighting it out and going around in circles every Thursday evening. This country has never felt so divided and its population so cynical about those who are supposedly representing us as the current first-past-the-post system electoral  system stands.

BBC's 'flagship' weekly political audience participation scrum-down, Question Time has become a totem in so many ways for what is wrong with our so-called democracy. 

There is clearly a need for different national focus audience participation sessions that inspire people to engage rather than looking on in horror at the blunders our so-called ‘leaders’ are stumbling into. 

Campfire has decided to do something about it as part of our plan for conscious and positive media. Seek the positive and look for solutions. Listen and learn together. Sounds like a simple formula? 

Old politics is about two sides bickering. New politics is about working collaboratively to find common ground and seeking solutions. With this in mind, we will be asking our guest panellists to each nominate two positive ‘calls to action’ - one as part of their introductory hello and one to move forward with at the end of the programme. The global audience will have the opportunity to vote on each ‘evolution resolution’. 

We are planning to launch at the studio at Hub @ No3, Lynne Franks’ new social hub in Wincanton  (date tbc) and then hope to take this concept out on the road from summer for a some more sessions, culminating with a ‘Conscious media’ solution session at next August’s Frome Campout.

Campfire will be inviting a panel of movers and shakers to come inspire our audience, who in turn will be invited to ask questions. Our wider online audience can engage by voting up the most inspiring ideas which we can then collectively send out into the world as smoke signals.

We won’t be operating in a bubble but looking to hold space for rounded and positive discussion about how rediscover our individual and collective voices, how we can work together to make the world a better place. We are only limited by our imagination and our divisions. 

This is our blueprint for Conscious Media.  It’s time to answer the big questions and seek positive solutions.

Here are a couple of examples of sessions we have already convened :




David Carter

I think this is an excellent idea and it will be fascinating to see how it goes. Wouldn’t it be good to have straight honest answers to questions for a change!

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