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LAURIE PYNE - 24 Feb 2020


We were inspired, we were moved, we were elated, but we also needed action. So, at the conclusion of all our meetings we stepped up and made our pledges for future action, witnessed by our companions and the fire of the candles in the windows around us.

At the conclusion of all our Winter Gathering meetings we sat in circle and shared our personal pledges and intentions.  Being witnessed by each other and the sacred flame of the candles is so very powerful.  Our pledges ripple out into the collective. This sharing made for a wonderful finale to all our conversations.

It was our Winter Gathering in the heart of Frome. We were ushering in the light in so many ways. Nourished by new friendships, reconnections and sincere, deep conversations. Hearing the Vision Makers pitches as they launched their passion and ideas and finding out more in the huddles.  We were co-creating in each and every moment. Sitting in open space.  Singing inspirational songs and moving together in a wave felt like communion. Sharing food together.  In commUNITY. 

Here are the pledges and intentions shared in our closing circle.

Let us stay in connected and honour our pledges and to taking responsible, loving, compassionate action as individuals and in community.

We, at the Campfire Winter Gathering pledge 

VICTORIA     To get out more!

NEIL              To visit the Campfire website and read all the content about the Vision     Makers pitches

Grateful for lots of conversations I’ve had with people, so want to connect and liked the informality and thank you for the conversations.

TIM                Currently I have four friends on Facebook. One friend request on Campfire. So I pledge to, if possible, increase the amount of “friends” to five on Campfire.

AMANDA M      To sing more and to get Sarah down here. She is needed. Singing was amazing.

TASS             To look at ways of bringing art to Campout/Campfire

DONNA         To make contact with other GP’sI met yesterday and to get together with other GP’s.

MARK            To play at the event in August and some very exciting personal things that were revealed to me that were revelatory and helpful.

JAMES          is going to have more conversations in Open Space, and follow up on connections  made

ANTHEA        To stay in touch with people, great ideas, kind and thoughtful. To update my Campfire profile, stay more in touch with people and make more connections and read the detail of the projects.

JEREMY        To chuck kindling on the fire so that Campfire gets bigger and bigger wants to see the platform grow, and get more people involved

CHRIS            is thinking big and wants to take Campfire into Europe

SOPHIE         To come to Campoutin August and to bring some Art to share and in terms of an audio experience to share (something that I could make may be that could be geo-locatedand hidden within the environment)

DIANE            To do her homework, hoped all the pitches were filmed.  Want to sit through them all and catch up somehow with all the information. 

SARAH          To keep trying to raise the energy when we’re all feeling exhausted, by music and song.

MARCIA        To take some of the weekend Gathering energy back to London and to look out for spaces and people where I can have similar conversations.  

CHRIS           To continue playing at events like the Winter Gathering

DAVID           To do my homework and intend to read all the pitches and will play more consciously to uplift and inspire through my music

GEOFF           To read the pitches, and will create an amazing Healing Area at the Little Chill at Tuckers Grave

PETE             To keep on keeping on, keep the sparks lit, to follow up on wonderful energy here, to get filming up and get into editing mode and to set up a thread on the forum where perhaps we can introduce ourselves again to continue the conversation. Everyone has access to it.  It’s open to all so a good place to start.

AMANDA R.     To complete her Campfire profile, make some new friends there. It feels amazing so pledge at a local level here to continue to support this to grow at an interpersonal level.

CATRIN        To come to future events for the full period

LIUDA              To come to Campoutin the Summer and to events in London

SOPHIE        To attend more Campfire events, and follow up conversations from the Gathering

AMANDA      To have more yoga in her life and will create more peaceful moments to connect with herself

MADDY         Shout out for clean water, clean air and healthy soil. When FromeForest is done, an afternoon where everyone dresses up in Onesies and climbs trees in the Forest area.

GEORGE       intends to be a better guide to himself, and get closer to trees. 

JENNY          will also allow more connections, and find more locally too

JOE               wants to make more videos and put them onto the Campfire platform

DOM              is intending to get to more places with like-minded people on time

BETH             To start making more videos of stories with songs and develop an idea for the High Vibe Magic Hope Bus and using Campfire as a platform to encourage people to make videos with their children and stories and song and of themselves dancing and get Happiness TV and Kindness News going.  Celebrate acts of kindness as opposed to talking about terrible things. Kindness raises our vibration.

BEN              To step up FromeForest project into the next phase and carry forward all the support from around here and to spend more time in nature and with my kids and to walk the talk.  Mention of mentoring… part of the same work of stepping into being a mentor and being available for mentoring people and particularly for the young… young people need it so desperately.

JEZ                 Appreciated hanging out in community with people and how wonderful it is to be with a community of enablers.  To chew everything over – the recordings, the projects.

STEVE           Two… first one is to hold the wellbeing circle with other people as much as possible and get that moving in a way. Was my pledge to Trailblazers last year… Secondly, to champion grumpiness. Championing my own inner grump and by also opening up the shadow and ground to the shadow. Can get very spinnyand we need to ground it.

JULIE               To continue to be guided by Fire and to bless fire in every way; bless the benevolent use of fire which is how I feel about Campfires … our compassionate connection with the elements and our compassionate connection with fire that we really need more of so yeah singing to fire and singing to water, singing to air and to earth.

LAUREL       will write up all these pledges! DONE!





Geoff Greentree

Thankyou, blessings, looking forward.. :)


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