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Sandra Ashford - 10 Jan 2017


Holidays, we all love them and most definitely need them.  It's a time to kick back, move away from the daily stress and constraints of our everyday life.  However for some of us lying on a beach would be boring, where others would love nothing better than to subject their skin to the suns rays and lay there until the sun had disappeared.   Not for me that one it has to be said.

Another favourite seems to be cruising.  Setting sail on a large vessel, which is sometimes described as floating hotels, with hundreds of other like-minded folks.  The idea either fills you with terror or it is your idea of paradise, pulling into a different port each day but not have to unpack your suitcase.   

Then there is the all inclusive type, get dropped off at a resort in some sunny clime and be fed three times a day, sit by the pool and brought a drink at any time of the day or night. Again not my favourite way to spend a holiday. 

I think we are all missing a trick here, how about we holiday in the UK.  Novel idea I know.  Okay, the weather isn't always brilliant, but boy when it is there is no better place to be.  

We have beaches aplenty being an island, mountains to climb, lovely walks, either inland or coastal, and with the rise of Airbnb it doesn't have to be expensive.

How many places have you visited in the UK?  I bet, like me, there are parts of the UK that you have never been too.   





Kimm Fearnley

Although I have a few foreign adventures planned for this year I absolutely love holidays in the UK. I have a home on the south coast and it really is my favourite place to be - even in the winter. Wild beach walks and the breathtaking scenery.
I also love Yorkshire (although it rains more there) and my sister has a home in Isla.
We are blessed with a wonderful coastline, mountains and hills, culture, history, festivals and much more.
Let's hear it for those staycations! X

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