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Julene Siddique - 14 Apr 2020


"Empowerment needs an analysis of power to be transformative. Otherwise it remains a personal, individual act of self-belief rather than a political liberating movement for change." -Ledwith

Critical and Radical Community development is based in the work of Paolo Friere. Friere's life's purpose was to identify a process of critical discovery through which oppressed people could free their minds and become aware that they hold they keys to transformative social change. We are working with the key social justice specialists such as Dr. Ledwith who has spent her life doing case studies of implementing Friere's work. We also align with recent initiatives such as "Culture Hacking" which brought together activitsts from all over the world to discuss how to really solve world issues at a causal level. 

Critical and Radical Community development focuses on:

-Generative knowledge - knowledge gained through direct experience

-Understanding knowledge as political - and changing dominant and/or dehumanising societal narratives through a dialogic, experiential community practice

-understanding structural violence and structural discrimination - how structures embedded in our society cause harm to people and indivduals. And how to act at a causal level on 'system leverage points' as well as 'building new systems'.

 It is about you/communities understanding how to take the power back and act at a causal level (rather than on symptoms of world issues.)


The Radical Agenda consists of 7 steps:

1.Voicing Values

2. Making Critical Connections

3.Critiquing and Dissenting

4. Imagining and building alternatives

5. Creating Counternarratives

6. Connecting and Acting

7. Cooperating for a common good

8. Structural change and systems change


Critical & Radical Community Development project will be: 
A) Mapping the existing critical and radical communities 
B) Training critical educators & community skills/practices
C) Working with protagonists and catalysts
D) Growing the eco-system of critical-radical communities


Hoping to launch this sometime in May!


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